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Best hybrid Mobile App Frameworks for cross platform mobile development

cross platform mobile development

Best hybrid Mobile App Frameworks for cross platform mobile development

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Today every business need a mobile application. There are many ways to make that  more  better or  easy mobile application development. for several app concepts, you don’t even want any prior native development knowledge. you can start today with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. not like native mobile development, mobile applications using internet technologies can support several mobile platforms.

There are several tools and framework available now to create an powerful mobile Application for various platforms. in this article, we will look at some most popular frameworks.


IONIC is one of among the most promising HTML 5 mobile application frameworks. designed using SASS, it provides several UI elements to help develop rich and interactive apps. It uses the JavaScript MVVM framework, AngularJS to power apps. Two-way information binding, interaction with backend services and Apis makes AngularJS a mobile developer’s common alternative. With the approaching release of AngularJS 2.0, focused on mobile, it’s sure to gain even more popularity.


Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an HTML 5 framework that uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to make interactive mobile apps.

The main features of Mobile AngularUI include:


1-  Bootstrap 3

2-  AngularJS


Bootstrap 3 mobile elements like switches, overlays and sidebars which are missing in traditional bootstrap.
AngularJS modules like angular-route, angular-touch and angular-animate. Responsive media queries are stripped out of bootstrap as separate files, you simply need to include what you wish. Mobile Angular UI doesn’t have any jQuery dependencies, all you need are some AngularJS directives to make amazing mobile user experiences.


Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator’s titanium is an open source mobile application framework that has an environment to make native apps for Various mobile platforms

Titanium could be a complete resolution for making hybrid mobile apps with all you wish in one place. to get started with titanium transfer titanium studio. The titanium SDK is equipped with variety of mobile platform Apis and Cloud service to use as an app backend. It comes with platform independent Apis that makes it easier to access phone hardware.

Titanium uses Alloy, a MVC framework to modify speedy development of mobile apps. Modules created using Alloy are simple to reuse across completely different apps, therefore significantly reducing the development time and also the lots of lines of code.



PhoneGap is the odd one come in this list as it’s not a framework for making an app, except for packaging and releasing an app. PhoneGap is based on the open source Cordova and is the commercial version owned by Adobe. With a passionate support team, PhoneGap is well-liked amongst several mobile developers.

You can use any choice of JavaScript or UI frameworks to get started with PhoneGap. jQuery Mobile alongside KnockOut.js or AngularJS could be a nice combination. Once you’re through with your code, PhoneGap takes it from there and wraps it supported the supposed platform. Applications built using PhoneGap use web view to render their content. PhoneGap features a minimal set of web Apis to access phone hardware options and it’s possible to write down custom plugins to suit needs.

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