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geo location apps business

Locate Success with Geolocation Apps for Business

  |   Android, Black Berry, consagous-mobile-apps, iPhone, Mobile, Windows 8

Tech dictionary defines it as the process of finding, determining and providing the exact location of a computer, networking device or equipment. It enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements.Geolocation commonly uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and other related technologies to assess and...

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Internet of Things e-commerce

The Road Ahead of IoT Devices for E-Commerce

  |   Consagous Magento, Magento Website Development, Oscommerce, X-Cart

Sit back and imagine afuture where everyday objects are able to identify themselves to other devices thanks to their internet connection. Consagous Technologies digs further into the Internet of Things from the pov of e-commerce. Everyday ‘objects’ are basically turning intelligent and becoming capable of communicating...

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custom software applications

Custom Software Applications: your organizational gloves!

  |   Consagous Magento, Content Management System, Magento Website Development, Mobile, Wordpress Website Development

Let us begin with understanding what Custom Software Development is; it is the designing of software applications that are specially developed for some specific organization or other user. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the mass market, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software,...

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Team Collaboration Tools

4 Essential Tools Which can Boost Team Collaboration

  |   .Net, Art, Content Management System, Mobile, Photography, PHP, Testing

Miscommunication is regular among both little and substantial groups, particularly when there's an absence of strong workplace. In the event that a business can't adequately impart inside among workers, they won't have the capacity to speak with their outside partners, thusly, neglecting to meet their...

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eCommerce User Engagement

How You can Maximize Audience Engagement for Your eCommerce Store

  |   Drupal Website Development, Joomla Website Development, Magento Website Development, Oscommerce, Wordpress Website Development, X-Cart

Engagement is, obviously, a liquid idea that alludes to a large group of measurements, including skip rates, pages per visit, session lengths, consideration minutes, scroll profundity, media clicks, social shares, remarks and smaller scale transformations. For substance situated locales — where "sticky" viewership is the...

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