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Dos and Don’ts of Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

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Dos and Don’ts of Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

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The Do’s And Don’t in Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

We know when small concept is available then the app industry did not grow, where it is today, but people experience is the new axis of reference for success.
The application developer fixing some blocks and add new feature of new product to keep clients happy. If an app has cheapish function with good concept then this product will not move for long time.
Even if an app has a great concept, poor functioning usually means it’ll fall flat in the market.
If you want to sell your app to the masses you just need to focus and read the user experience for your app.
Here are few strategies to keep users as devotee always:

DO: Keep Content Consistent

According to Consagous, you need to launch a new version of your app and fix the bugs. User will detach your app when your app UI is not properly change .You always change your app content and send notification.
You always put the offer for new and existing user to attract the user for install and to use the app.

DON’T: Push Too Much Content

we suggests you to keep your app simple first time. A buggy app with too many bells and whistles can frustrate users and perform poorly in first try.  If you show more content to attract users in starting then user may walk away from your app.

DO: Cater to the Platform… but DON’T Forget Creativity

You create your app with creativity in the sense of view and fast working facility. Your app shouldn’t work only on all devices because if your app is simple then why will users use your app, in the market many similar app is available that work same as your app.
Your app should be appeal and classic to catch user eyes. If your app can locate your place and take more advantage of unique facility of Smartphone user will find more admirable.

DO: Make Sure Your App Works for Basic Users

Today, youngsters, grandparents and children all use the Smartphone and tablets in daily life. If you want your app to be mostly used and continuously purchased, you have to cater to the basic app user.
So, you also sure that your app is simple in use for all type of users because more than hundreds app is available that is not for simple users. App should be as such that it meets users need and stand for user-friendly.

DON’T: Forget Design

Its always like what is seen is what exist. So though Aim of app is to be user experience but Design is most important and top priority.If your app is so classic then app get noted by user’s eyes. It needs the experience of user to continue the app uses in market. So, you just need colourful screens, good sound effects, and a popping design are what could get Smartphone users hooked to your product in the first place, all over design should be easily get uploaded.
Always check the review of your app that makes app is so interesting and user-friendly. It has same functions but on different platform. It is also accessible of all users on every platform.