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Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Mobile App

Local Mobile App

Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Promote Your Local Mobile App

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Have you developed the next nice app for your local community, and wish to promote it?
Are you short on promoting budget, and need another ways to promote your native app?
In this article, we’ll look into some guerrilla promoting methods you’ll be able to implement to urge the customers around you more alert to your app, and hopefully drive your downloads and rankings higher.


Step one in Guerrilla Marketing: seek advice from influencers in your town or region


Just about each region has bloggers, journalists, and even Yelp Elite. Reach out to them specifically, and pitch your idea to them. They cover things that are happening in your locale; therefore you simply got to get their attention. This can be sometimes a free way to get a decent community base designed up for your app.


Open your email with one thing like “Hey, you’re THE professional within the, therefore I needed to get your opinion concerning my new app.” Stroke their ego somewhat, so encourage them to try out the app and tell you what they like about it and what they’d like you add or modify. You’ll get valuable feedback, and probably even a write-up regarding your app.



Leverage social media advertising


You may or may not already recognize this, however Facebook and Twitter are nice ways to promote your app. createan account for every one, and interact your app’s users concerning its progress and different updates. Your goal with the Facebook page and Twitter account isn’t to drive downloads; instead, the concept is to have interaction the community of users you have already got. They’ll assist you bring in a lot of users through word-of-mouth.


You should also think about leveraging Facebook ads that are very useful to others in promoting their apps. A little-known truth regarding Facebook advertisements is that you will target them to folks close to your locale, therefore you aren’t wasting your advertising greenbacks on those who can’t even use your app. Apps like Applauze/955 Dreams have seen ten-fold higher click-through rates and half the price per install using Facebook Ads than with the other user acquisition methods.



Approach on-line and real-life communities


Many cities have on-line and real-life groups that you will approach concerning demonstrating your app. whereas a number of these groups disapprove promotion, quite few of them will welcome demos of latest apps. Simply be ready to provide a professional presentation, and encourage feedback from the attendees regarding your app.
One way to seek out these communities, actually, could be a website. Meet up is meant to assist neighbors get along to find out new things, share ideas, and do cool things. Searching for a Meet up close to you that’s relevant to your app could be a guerrilla promoting plan of action that might go a long way towards obtaining you the exposure you would like.


Tim Perry, the developer behind concentration booster Build Focus, found that participating with Meet Up organizers will result in an enormous quantity of enthusiasm for his app. One such organizer has been networking perpetually for Build Focus, operating wonders for the app’s promoting efforts. This helps get the app into the hands of users who can take pleasure in it, and engages a bigger community.


Take it to the streets


The last guerrilla promoting strategy that’s price considering is nice old school street promoting. You wish to be sensible concerning this, though, as a result of it slow could be a valuable resource. Rummage around for approaching events associated with your app, and show up with flyers. Even post cards with a QR code and also the online page address for your app will live up to for this.
Gina Blaze, founding father of motivational app Declare it, hands out business cards with the link to her app’s online page. These business cards have greatly enhanced the exposure to her app, generating the bulk of DeclareIt’s downloads. Proving the purpose even more, edifice feedback and secret shopper app Servy has seen downloads increase by the maximum amount as 20 % throughout hotter months once they stand outside restaurants with long lines and gift cards promoting the app.




These guerrilla promoting ways can assist you generate downloads and improve your search rankings on the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s not not possible to urge national coverage for regionalized apps; we’ve with success gotten region-specific apps coated, however it’s rather more difficult.
The final piece within the puzzle is to form certain you don’t forget alternative promoting ways, particularly sensible App Store optimisation practices. For a lot of concepts, look at our article on ways in which you’ll be able to get your app noticed.