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 Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

Consagous helps clients deal with growing and changing business and technology issues. Our relationship with clients is a partnership. We bring our experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients unique requirements. We offer a wide range of solutions with:

Translating innovative strategies into sustainable performance improvement requires perspective and perseverance. Transformation can take many guises.Whether you are looking to revitalize one of your business units or undertake an enterprise-wide transformation, our experts are committed to your success.Drawing on deep industry expertise across all major sectors, we offer the solutions, creative thinking for better results.

Focus on your core business while driving innovation and efficiency with industry-leading outsourcing and managed services for business processes, applications and infrastructure.To meet your operational and strategic objectives, Consagous offers a range of flexible outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, and strengthen competitive positioning.

Application Outsourcing Consagous believes that application outsourcing is not about what you can take away from a business. It matters about what you can add more to revitalize feild.It is just similar to a partner utterly corresponding with your overall business objectives.

Consagous services are multi-dimensional to meet your every business need:

Services: Consagous takes fresh approaches to application development and application management and offer a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing solutions. You can choose production support and application maintenance services or broaden the scope to include application testing, enhancements, upgrades, comprehensive application development or legacy modernization.

Applications: Consagous can focus on a single or group of applications and create an entire portfolio of software applications. And Consagous have deep skills and experience in all leading business packaged applications as well as custom and industry applications.

Models: Consagous tailors on their outsourcing engagements to meet your specific needs, carefully considering size and complexity.

Infrastructure Outsourcing Radically changing the infrastructure services market results from the evolving network and security technologies and operating models such as utility computing. From multiple global locations, this has triggered the rapid growth of remote infrastructure management-services delivered remotely. We offer a flexible set of services-from totally transforming your service delivery model to simply addressing a specific cost or performance issue with fully integrated remote and on-site delivery.

You need the right infrastructure at the right cost to support your critical applications and business processes in order to enable your business that can achieve high performance.

  • Transform IT through our processes, people and tools to become a flexible and responsive enabler of business needs.
  • Achieve rapid cost savings, enabling clients to reinvest in higher-value projects.
  • Improve IT operational efficiency while reducing all costs related to the management of IT.
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring IT goods, services and non-personnel related IT expenses.

Specialists in the design and implementation of optimized customer experience, we help you focus on the right customer experiences to drive acquisition, retention, and business results, while ensuring that budget is directed where it delivers the most value to you and your customers. We enable you to optimize customer interactions across channels, departments, business lines and regions, ensuring that you maximize the value of every customer interaction whilst providing an enhanced and consistent customer experience.

Business Process Outsourcing Consagous technology is an established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, with a skill set of qualified and dedicated people that can deliver the ideal back office or Front office outsourcing solution.

Our passion is dedicating our global resources, BPO industry intelligence and systems expertise to work with our clients and make their business stronger.

Consagous provides a bespoke outsourcing service that will preserve the identity of your brand.Consagous business process outsourcing benefits:

Financial Value Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs through labor arbitrage, process reengineering and leveraging best practices and economies of scale. The resulting cost reductions create additional capital for re-investment in the most strategic parts of the business.

Operational Value By framing with innovative processes, latest technologies and economies of scale, Consagous results in greater efficiencies and standardization for you.

Strategic Value Outsourcing allows for the re-distribution of time and resources to core business areas that directly impact shareholder value which is scalable model flexes with market demands without negative impacts to your business, or to your customers.