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 Chemicals and Petroleum

chemicals & petroleum

Globalization. Consolidation. Security. The marketplace is changing. How will you keep up? In our commitment to the chemicals and petroleum industries, IBM offers industry-specific solutions to help you improve asset utilization. Find new sources of growth. Accelerate time to market. Reduce costs.
Delve Consagous solutions for chemicals and petroleum

Consagous RFID solution for Chemical and Petroleum
Respond, on demand, to changing market conditions. Improve production responsiveness and compete more effectively by gaining real-time supply chain visibility.

Chemical and petroleum SAP extensions solution from Consagous
Answers to purchaser continually and delivering personal information to internal users . Slice non-production procurement costs and streamline business processes.

Intelligent oilfields solution from Consagous
Consagous can help to get more from existing treasure. Keep your wells producing at optimal levels by sharing knowledge across the value chain.

Retail petroleum solution from Consagous
Consagous can help you to stay ahead of the competition. Lower operating costs, more customers pumping gas at your station and more.