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 ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

Answer to question like; is your company as productive as it should be? Are your business processes efficient and collaborative? Can people from different departments easily access secret information across the enterprise? This all question is answered by ... An ERP solution from Consagous provides a way, based on improve process, integrating your data for a single view of customer information, inventory levels, shipping details and more. Cut down on the paperwork. Automate processes and work together of team member.

Build the foundation for an effective, organization-wide business driven security approach. This approach:

  • Standardize and automate manufacturing processes to increase productivity and business while decreasing unwanted holding.
  • Integrate financial information, equipping decision makers with the data they need to make the right call on business investments.
  • Incorporate customer information so you can easily track order status and simultaneously coordinate manufacturing, inventory and voyage across different locations.