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Top 10 Data Backup Apps For Android Device

Data Backup Apps Android Device

Top 10 Data Backup Apps For Android Device

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How many of the phone numbers saved in your phone can you bear in mind without observing your contact book? One or 2 maybe? and how a lot of other necessary stuff, like messages, photos and documents do you store on your phone? thus what would happen if all the information on your phone would fully disappear one day? If you employ a reliable backup application the solution is simple: completely nothing. Here are the highest ten backup applications which will assist you keep the information on your android devices safe, even just in case of disaster.


1. MyBackup

MyBackup is a versatile app that’s capable of operating with an influential quantity of devices whether they are rooted or not. This tool will assist you schedule or manually produce backups containing your apps, photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, browser bookmarks, MMs, system settings, music playlists, APN, etc.


2. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is perhaps the most effective backup tool on this list. However, as a result of it will solely work with rooted phones, and it are often alittle confusing for new users it ended up as the competition during this high. This application assist you backup and restore your information, apps and Market links (so that the restored  app can continue obtaining automatic updates). The tool as well provides a bunch of helpful options like the power to schedule backups or batch restoring.



Helium is a recently released backup app, that quickly attracted lots of attention becoming inconceivably well-liked. This tool can assist you backup the apps and information from your phone to your SD card or computer. If you decide for the premium version, you gain the power to save lots of the data on cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box), the likelihood to synchronize the information between multiple devices, and you also have the choice of programming automatic backup sessions. This application works on routed also as non-routed devices.


4. Ultimate Backup

Ultimate Backup is not just a well-designed backup tool however also can be used as an app management answer. This application is ready to form backups of your SMS, contacts, call logs, apps, etc. and just in case your device is rooted it will even produce Nandroid backups. furthermore, with this tool you can as well as kill, freeze, uninstall or fix the permissions for different applications, tweak the UI, etc.


5.Super Backup

Super Backup is a tool that may keep a copy your phone’s information. just in case your device is rooted, the app too capable of backing up your settings and applications. Super Backup+ will assist you save the info on the SD card, on a computer or send it to your Gmail or Google Drive account. extra benefits embrace the chance to schedule automatic keep a copy sessions and also the app’s ability to revive the information directly from Google Drive and Gmail.


6. SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ is a easy app that saves and syncs your text messages, MMS and call logs along with your Google account. the appliance uses a separate label in your Gmail, thus finding and restoring the info is kind of simple. This tool is capable of directly creating backups, however according to its developer this feature is 100 pc reliable only SMS Backup+ is installed directly on the device and not on the sd card.


7. Mobile Backup & Restore

Created by Avast software, Mobile Backup & Restore is a reliable keep a copy tool. The app’s free version is capable of saving your contacts, SMS, call logs and photos while the premium one also will backup your music, videos and apps. The downside is that you simply need to have or produce an Avast personal account (that’s wherever your contacts, calls, SMS, etc. will be stored) also as a Google Drive account (where photos, videos and apps will be stored) so as to require full advantage of the tool’s practicality. moreover, Mobile Backup & Restore can directly  keep a copy  of your information either pursuance to the schedule you’ve set or supported varied triggers.


8. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is a extremely well-liked and effective application, but you cannot use it unless your phone is founded. This tool is a bit totally different than the remainder as a result of it does not build backups of your apps, information and settings, but instead creates Nandroid backups that essentially are actual clones of your phones.


9. G Cloud Backup

As i am certain you have found out from its name, G Cloud Backup saves your information on the cloud, and it even provides you 1GB of space for storing at no cost. This application is create to keep a copy your photos, videos, music, contacts, documents, call logs, etc. rather than your apps.


10. App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore is perhaps the best application of its kind that you just can search. even though it does not provide an extensive practicality, the app’s simplicity is really what makes it stand out. This tool can potentially  you to keep a copy your apps on your sd card or save them to different devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. most likely the most effective feature that this application has to supply is its capability to directly backup any new app that you just install. extra practicality includes the chance to batch backup multiple applications, easy restore choices, the capability to show storage usage statistics and also the capability to kind your apps by name, size or install date.

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