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Top React js Frameworks to make Web and Mobile Application Development faster

react js mobile applications development

Top React js Frameworks to make Web and Mobile Application Development faster

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If you have already got previous ReactJS experience, it’s time to urge started building your own web applications. ReactJS makes it simple, however what if we’d like a tested framework created for fast application prototyping and building? concern not, some developers already created full-fledged front-end UI frameworks to support ReactJS.

Here are some top frameworks you’ll be able to use to kick-start your initial web or mobile application using ReactJS.



React Native

Just like ReactJS, React Native is a new open source framework created by Facebook that allows you to make native mobile applications using JSX and JavaScript. JSX could be a JavaScript syntax extension almost like XML usable with React.

This way we will accomplish the most effective of both worlds, we’ll mix both classic native and hybrid approaches. can it work? who is aware of, we still have an extended way to go.

Hopefully, React Native can change mobile app development trade, however as long as this approach will outclass what’s already been got done with Xamarin and Appcelerator.



React Bootstrap

What would happen if we’d merge ReactJS with Bootstrap? React Bootstrap of course.

React Bootstrap could be a library of reusable front-end elements, made up of the most well-liked front-end UI framework, recreated with ReactJS.

This way you’ll get the well-known look-and-feel of the latest version of Bootstrap, wrapped around the power horse that’s ReactJS. All that without jQuery, mmm sexy.

Unfortunately, this library is still underneath active development, thus please take care. Though, I will safely say it’s mature enough. If you already own a website runung BootStrap currently it’s time to change.



Material UI

As you can most likely see, Material-UI could be a library of React Material design looking elements. As everything on this list. although you ought to not expect this step until we reach React 1.0.
UI is reproduced virtually picture element good following Google Material style tips. If you like this type of UI, then this can be a framework for you.



Semantic UI

Semantic is a UI framework that helps produce stunning, responsive layouts using HTML.

I was unsure if this framework deserves to be enclosed during this list. whereas it’s a superb React support, it absolutely was not at first created on top of it. due to this, it additionally provides support for AngularJS, Meteor, and Ember. this is often exactly the reason provided GitHub link points directly to SemanticUI-React repository.

If you’re still interested, prepare to be amazed. not like different frameworks mentioned here, semantic UI is in stable 2.0 version. UI appearance fabulous, subjectively higher than BootStrap or Foundation UI.