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3 Ways Leverage Magento Theme Capabilities


3 Ways Leverage Magento Theme Capabilities

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Magento comprises of copious features which can empower e-commerce to revolutionize its business. Power of Magento theme can be leveraged in favor of your business. Maximize the number of the dollars in your pocket by simple utilizing Magento theme capabilities. Keep reading to find out the 3 ways in which Magento themes capabilities can be utilized.


Change Your Website Theme According to  Occasion


Did you know that website theme of the site can be changed as per the specific occasion? For example, you can customize the theme of your website as per specific season or occasion. If it is a rainy day, change the website’s layout accordingly. One of the major advantages of using this feature is that you can use the selected theme for any given duration of time. Once the time duration in your Magento account is fixed, you need not worry about anything. The theme will be automatically removed after the given time duration.


Theme Fallback


Magento theme is highly customizable. You can make the necessary changes as per your needs and requirements. This highly agile theme enables the user to maintain development efficiency and upgrade compatibility while molding it according to the requirements of the business.


Catalog-based Design Changes


Magento provides a great alternative when it comes to managing products in a catalog. The theme of the catalog can be changed as per the theme of the brand to which product belongs. Also, with the feature mentioned above you can keep a temporary theme, once you make the setting for a specific time duration, don’t worry about changing the theme. It will be changed automatically after the fixed time duration is over.

Use these innovative features to garner most benefits out of your e-commerce website. If you are not sure how to use these features in your favor hire a Magento website development company to give your website a professional edge. Consagous is known for its team of certified and experienced Magento developers to create a well-managed, unique, and effective website for your business.


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