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4 Ways To Avoid Making Dud Apps That Don’t Sell


4 Ways To Avoid Making Dud Apps That Don’t Sell

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Is your perfectly programmed app not selling online?

There is a fair chance that you have stumbled upon this article after getting thrashed in the app market. Scoring more downloads and making your app the best selling app on the store is a pickle. If your app is not ranking, you may need to optimize your app with contemporary standards.

Let’s get a deep insight into the situation here…

If you are not already aware, there is a fair number of zombie apps available on the app store which never ranks!

Roughly, 83% of the apps in the App Store are zombies. And clearly, Zombie state app means no revenues.

The next relevant question will be ‘what makes an app zombie?’

If your app appears two out of three days in the top 300 lists on the App Store then it is not zombie-zoned. In that case, your will be organically discoverable by the end users. A zombie state app can only be discovered by searching its name directly or looking for a very specific type of app.

Now, to avoid making dud apps and make good revenues, this is what you should do…


How to make best online selling app?


1. Make the best selling app with a UNIQUE concept.

To get your download rate roaring, you need to come up with fresh ideas. If your app is a poor copy of some great app which is already performing good, your chances are clearly very low.

Your concept has to be one of a kind, to stand a chance in tapping the market and to enjoy the monopoly for a fair amount of time.

Bring the brilliant ideas and shape them with unique features and your best selling app is ready to rock and roll!


2. Proper App Categorisation

If you have built an app on an existing concept, be ready to face a cut throat competition!

But, there is little something you can do about it. You can optimize the category of your app. You need not essentially list an app in the respective category. The best advice is to overlap some categories and pick the ones with lesser competitors.


3. Use SEO tricks to seek better ranking

App Stores work in similar fashion as that of the Search Engines. To get your app ranked, get it SEO optimized. A unique concept should be accompanied with proper optimization to get the desired results.


4. Market your app on the right medium

At Consagous, we have developed a new school of mobile marketing strategies with proven results. We have been a rich contributor to the success stories of many newbies in the app market.

Our team of experts deploys the right strategy after analyzing your app domain at just the right prices.

After following all the above steps, you are all set to rank on the App Stores.

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