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5 Reasons Why iOS Is More Secure Than Android

5 Reasons why iOS is more secure than Android

5 Reasons Why iOS Is More Secure Than Android

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The two major giants that are ruling the world of smartphones are portrayed as technologically advanced, secure and easy to use. Well, they are technologically advanced and easy to use but how sure we are about the secured platform. It’s no brainer that both the mobile operating systems are not completely secured. But the moot point is which one is more secure?

Spilling the beans, iOS is more secure than Android. But of course not completely secured. The main reason is Apple’s iOS is more restrictive with what developers can do and  Apple never released its source code which means generally iPhones and iPads are harder to jailbreak than Android phones but there are few more facts that you must know as a user.

Pore over the reasons which makes iOS more secure than Android and decide for yourself.


Reason 1: Apple has tighter security


Apple controls the hardware and the software which enables them to impose tighter security.

Open Handset Alliance (OHA) made in 2007 with Google leading the pack is the major reason why the security can’t be ensured as there is no control on hardware.


Reason 2: iOS updates are communicated immediately


Android has an issue that the latest version of Android OS is generally a small portion of the base of devices in the marketplace. So, when Android upgrades are issued, not everyone gets them. When Oreo is already in the market people are still on Gingerbread and Jellybean. How outdated is that!

Conversely, when Apple issues updates everyone gets it.


Reason 3: Risk of unconsciously using open source code


When custom applications are developed as a part of the mobile-first strategy, in-house developers are increasingly at risk of unconsciously using the open-source code with vulnerabilities.


Reason 4: Android is more vulnerable


Stats show that a much larger percentage of mobile malware targets Android over iOS. That’s primarily due to Android’s huge global popularity and its open approach.


Reason 5: Apple Pay is more secure than Samsung Pay


Apple pay is the most popular and dead-simple to use. Just bring your iPhone closer to the payment terminal and press your finger on your Touch ID sensor.

Well, we don’t recommend any OS personally but looking at the features of iOS and the fact that Apple refused to unlock an iPhone 5C for the FBI in the past, makes iOS a concrete shell for the security purposes.

Toodles 😉

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