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5 Reasons to opt for PHP Website Development Services

5 Reasons to opt for PHP Website Development Services

5 Reasons to opt for PHP Website Development Services

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PHP website services has earned a name of its own name in the overflowing market of web development solutions. The standouts of PHP is that it is user-friendly and offers great value for every dollar invested.

No matter what everyone is preaching, we have got a list of 5 sound commercial reasons for why one should be opting for PHP. Read on


1. An economically sound open source solution


PHP development turns out to be rather economical and won’t break your bank. It is an open source platform and hence the PHP website development company need not spend in licensing fees etc.


2. Easier mode of use and deployment


Developers can easily master and deploy PHP. With the ease of use, developers can develop unique and feature-rich applications in no time.


3. A range of productive frameworks


Efficiency in the terms of developing web applications and portals is enhanced further with the availability of a varied PHP based frameworks.

With pre-defined procedures and methodologies, developers fast-track the entire process and come up with rather fastidious and error-free applications. The most popular PHP frameworks are – Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, and Symfony etc.


4. Complete support for other open source platforms


One can use varied open source platforms and integrate it with PHP. Also, PHP can be easily embedded in HTML.

The complete range of open source platforms which are completely compatible and can be included in PHP includes the likes of Mambo, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento VirtueMart, Vtiger, Zen Cart and a lot more. Hence, PHP Development Services are largely flexible.


5. Server compatibility and Portability


PHP can be deployed on Linux or Windows so the developer is free to pick any development server. The application will work smoothly on either of them.

PHP is easier to use and simple in comparison to its counterpart Java and it is economical in comparison to ASP.Net.

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