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5 Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

Strategies Increase App Downloads

5 Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

  |   Mobile App Development

Paid to Free Campaign


Now traditionally, this campaign is all concerning creating a paid app free for some of days. Obtaining press for it, and driving lots of – well thousands – if not many thousands of downloads inside some of days. I find it, it’s a really helpful campaign. And currently we’re actually moving towards building in app purchases, specifically for this campaign.
So what I mean is, traditionally, Paid to Free is paid app gone free for some of days. But now, growth hacker in me says, “What if I even have a free app?” Well you’ll create one amongst your in app purchases for complimentary for some of days. Get press for it, then drive thousands, if not many thousands of downloads among that span. And I’ve seen will increase in each downloads, and revenues.
So if you’ve got models– A revenue model that isn’t dependent simply strictly on ads, however you’ve got different in app purchases in there – in your app. you may see a rise in sales.



App Store Optimisation


NowI do know plenty of individuals realize App Store optimisation. Which, if you’re not aware of it is simply SEO for the App Store. However as I found, that the majority folks are form of moving far away from it currently. i need to double down thereon. as a result of I still suppose it’s an excellent, nice avenue to drive organic downloads. And that I suppose those who are complaining regarding it not operating, they’re simply not creating a decent enough app, right?
But if you think that of a giant company, like Uber or Kindle, they have opportunities there as a result of they’re a widely known brand. as a result of they’ve engineered a extremely smart app, they will really maximize App Store optimisation, to drive even a lot of downloads. Thus I believe for ASO to figure, similar to SEO on the web – you would like a decent web site. You would like a decent brand. You would like to form sensible content. And with the basic blocks of ASO, you’ll drive plenty of nice downloads through ASO.
I’ve seen it work for my customers who have dedicated apps, and that i suppose it’s still a sound strategy. It’s those who are complaining concerning it at once, are the folks that were re-skinning and attempting to form of hack their manner into downloads by using ASO. Those are the folks that are littered with it. Those are the folks that are locution, “It’s now not operating.”





It’s localizing your app name and your keywords for the – different languages, not simply English. So really, very specializing in ASO. This goes in line with ASO. And localizing your app name and your keywords for the opposite countries and also the languages, right? Apple has concerning twenty eight totally different regions that you just will target, and really, very focus a lot of on having sensible localization.
So as an example, in the UK, you guys decision it localize with a “Z.” Within us, we say “Z.” That’s only one example that you just need to leverage. But China, Japan – if you have got a game – very begin puzzling over localizing your app name for that specific market. And what Gonzalo recommends is – initially, if you’re on a budget, localize the app name and also the keywords. Then if you see a bearing in downloads, then plow ahead and localize the screenshots and localize the outline. And once you have got that, then take it a step more and localize the in app content in your apps, right?
Right now, you’ll keep it all English, and keep your screenshots all in English. However if you localize the app name and also the keywords, you’re certain to notice a lot of downloads for that specific region. The sole draw back if you haven’t localized the particular app, is that these folks – let’s say in Japan or China – could be slightly bit mad.



Press Release


now I’ve truly interviewed some of different reporters. that the editor of consecutive internet, Steve O’Here, who’s a author at TechCrunch. and that i thought this strategy was going away. However it doesn’t. They both said the strategy still works.
So it’s giving the exclusive to a publication once you’re on the brink of launch. Now, if you actually need to get onTechCrunch, on VentureBeat, offer them the exclusive on your announcement.



Email Marketing


it’s truly a lot of of an arrogance metric if you would like to trust it. However it’s the App Store feature hack. That the App Store managers at Apple – hi guys. all of them manage a class. Thus what you would like to try and do is continue LinkedIn, notice “App Store manager.” And notice the class of that person.
Find their email address, then you’ll use my favorite infix for Gmail, or for Chrome – is named Email Hunter. And that’s emailhunter.co. What which will do is place an enormous recent button on LinkedIn with– that you just will click. And what it’ll do is form of guess that person’s email address. Then you create your pitch and say, “Hey Apple–” offer them two weeks’ notice. Thus offer them two weeks’ notice, and pitch them. Say, “Look, this is often kicking off.” I typically prefer to wait till I even have the app submitted, and a minimum of anticipating, in review.
I would like you really have it approved. i believe it makes the pitch sound even higher. as a result of the manager is aware of the reviewers went through it. It’s all sensible to travel. currently that the App Store review times are solely each day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t simply wait till your app is approved, and you’ll place that into your pitch.

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