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5 Ugly Truths that App Developer Need to Face

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5 Ugly Truths that App Developer Need to Face

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I believe that I actually have the awareness to understand once my plan simply isn’t that nice. sure it’s going to take a couple of iterations, however i’ll eventually find out that the thought could be a dud and that i will pass on to the next.
This post is as much for you and it’s on behalf of me – to act as a reminder that entrepreneurship could be a journey which some ideas simply aren’t value holding onto.
Here are seven brutal truths that each app entrepreneur should face.


1. Your idea isn’t as distinctive as you think it’s

Every Tuesday, I do my entire consumer intake calls. These are typically potential customers who wish to either work with me or simply choose my brain. I evolve into every decision with the only purpose of helping the opposite party and providing the maximum amount insight as I can.
I don’t attempt to sell.
So on any given Tuesday, i’ll be on 10–16 calls and you won’t believe the number of times individuals assume they need a novel idea. Most of the time, it’s a small modification on an existing idea; however the difference isn’t large enough to an outdoor party.
Maybe I’ve become jaded as a result of I hear such a lot of concepts and have launched so many totally different ones, however I don’t assume it’s that.


2. Understand the difference between feature vs product

When I launched oSnap I assumed this camera app would overtake Camera+ together of the top paid camera apps. it absolutely was totally different permitting you to faucet anyplace to take a pic and it absolutely was completely gestured based.
I thought since Clear was utterly gestured based and have become an Apple darling that I might replicate its success.
After a period of really analyzing the app, i noticed that the it’s simply an easy feature and one which may not be needed by most users.



3. Great marketing cannot save a nasty idea

I get that the majority app creators suck at promoting that’s why they are available to me, however you must perceive that even my most good spins on a story can’t save a nasty idea.
I believe that I’m the most effective app growth hacker within the business. I will drive press coverage using my connections and downloads using my growth hacks, however these activities might solely mask the fact that your idea simply isn’t ok to stand on its own.


4. Growth hacks are not sustainable

This is contrary to everything I do, however one thing i actually believe. You see i do know I will drive growth; however I’ve had a tough time driving property growth.
Without the right viral mechanics, these growth hacks can solely cause a burst in downloads and you may need to use advertising as the simplest way to continue that growth.
Trust me I’ve seen this with my big time clients.


5. Don’t over-emphasize launch day

Every single entrepreneur gets nervous the day before launch and therefore the day of launch. I’ve gotten several nervous (sometimes harassing) emails from shoppers the day before their launch.
From a PR perspective, launch day is very important. Reporters want to cover new and fascinating things; therefore you’ve got a couple of 5-day window to create the foremost of your launch.
After that 5-day window, you’re considered old news.



Having the luxury of the podcast, agency and my own apps has allowed me to actually see the unique ideas and a lot of significantly see the weather of the well dead ones.
Playing either side of the table as an app creator and as a employed app promoter allows me to see certain truths that the majority app creators don’t seem to be willing to face.

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