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5 Ways to Increase Positive Reviews for Your Mobile App

Positive Reviews

5 Ways to Increase Positive Reviews for Your Mobile App

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The whole world revolves around what others think of you…

If an unbiased user is endorsing your Mobile App it will increase the authenticity of your app. Clearly, more positive reviews mean more users and a good mouth publicity.

When Mobile apps are considered, it is well known that reviews affect their visibility in the app store search results & the likeliness of them getting featured on the app store.

Getting people write good reviews for your app is not that easy. People tend to write reviews when they are not satisfied and want to rant about it on a public platform.

Now as difficult as it looks, there is a little something you can do about getting positive reviews on your mobile app. Get a crunch here…


1. Start with using an App Review Plugin


Yes, it is as simple as that! Use a ready-to-use plugin in your app that prompts the users to review the app after using it a certain number of times. Such plugins are available for both iOS and Android platform.

To make it even simpler use Appirater, a popular iOS plugin that prompts the user to review your app (also available in the Android version).

P.S. Go easy with these plugins, you don’t want to deliver a bad user experience by asking the user to review your app just after downloading the app.


2. Give incentives to users for reviewing your app.


Though Apple has been removing the apps that incentivize its users for reviewing the app, it’s still worth a shot. If you can provide in-app reward points to users for reviewing the app, it will be a win-win for everyone!

Get ready for a straight hike in your mobile app reviews because everyone likes free stuff.


3. Use help shift to convert a bad user experience into a positive review


Ok! This is an inside story but what if we tell you that you can convert a bad user experience into a positive review?!

Just include a ‘Send Feedback’ button that opens in a live chat window. This way you can provide exceptionally good customer service and then when the customer’s query is resolved, ask him to review your app. You are welcome!

Adding a ‘Send Feedback’ button is the smart way out because then your user will post the query to you rather than airing it on the public platform.


4. There is always a time to prompt!


This is the highly overlooked aspect of the whole process. Never ask your guest to fetch you a glass of water as soon as he enters your place.

Similarly, never ask the user to review your app the moment he downloaded it. Let him get his purpose accomplished and get a result first then swoop in with a review prompt. Else, you will end up giving a bad user experience and also may get a straight app uninstalling in your face.


5. Run a Contest


The last in the sack is to run a contest where the participants will review your app and the winner will be selected by using websites like Random.org. You can give away iTunes gift card to the winner or simply PayPal him.

Make sure the process is fully transparent and unbiased.


Still not sure how to deal with this, let our digital marketing team help you.



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