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7 Platforms Where You can Promote Your App Videos

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7 Platforms Where You can Promote Your App Videos

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Videos will play a robust app marketing tool, however not all app publishers use them to their full potential. Some publishers believe they’re too exhausting to make, or they merely don’t perceive the potential reach and powerful message they’ll communicate.
The truth is, the correct use of app videos may open up an entire new stream of downloads…
The Best Uses of App Videos Before we start with a number of the underused platforms for app promoting, let’s begin with the fundamentals. After you think about app marketing videos, there are 2 places where you most likely think about using them: the iTunes and Google Play app stores and truly so.
Having an app preview video on your app store page is that the best thanks to show potential users why your app is so impressive. It extremely is tough to point out what your app is all regarding with just a few screenshots.


Apple App Store


Apple is pretty strict on what you’ll be able to show in an App Preview video. For starters, your video should be between fifteen and thirty seconds. The majority of the footage should be actual screen recordings from the app itself.  Keep in mind that your video will be seen in all countries.

Therefore if you’re targeting different countries, take care to stay narration to a minimum.



Google Play App Store


Google offers you a lot of freedom once it comes to making your app promo video. However that doesn’t mean that you simply should get too crazy. Although the maximum length of your video is 2 minutes, you must keep it as brief as possible. On the other hand that, you must show the most effective features of your app first and be creative.



Other ways to Use Promotional Videos


Alright, once you’ve got a video out there on the app stores you’re in, it’s time to explore different platforms. Keep in mind that these videos don’t have to be as skilled as your app store videos.
In fact, on many of those platforms, a more organic video will usually be the most effective. Therefore don’t stress out regarding creating a professional looking video.


1. Instagram


Instagram permits you to upload up to fifteen seconds of video. The necessary factor to remember with Instagram is that folks sometimes won’t watch your video with sound because videos begin with the sound turned off.
Therefore, you’ve got to form your video as appealing as possible, while not sound effects. bear in mind that folks are scrolling through their feed quickly, thus you have to catch their attention right away.



2. Facebook


Facebook videos also begin with no sound, a bit like on Instagram, thus take care to create the start of your video grab people’s attention. However, sharing your videos on your own Page is showing decreasing worth, day by day.
The real advantage to Facebook is in their advertising platform and Facebook groups. Facebook ads are a wonderful way to target specific demographics and, if you have a web site, you’ll be able to single out people who visit your web site and re-target them with Facebook ads later.
Groups also are another way to share your videos and possibly get downloads. Engagement is mostly very high within the best groups.



3. YouTube


As popular as YouTube is, it’s still surprisingly underutilized by several corporations. one among the reasons can be because that individuals suppose that creating YouTube videos has to be a large production.
It doesn’t consider a couple of concepts for videos your audience would love and create an easy video with your phone. Once you discover some ideas that work, you’ll place longer and cash into a lot of professional video or simply continue what you’re doing. If this one thing that you are interested in following then we have created a guide which will assist you with marketing your app on YouTube. It demonstrates a way to select keywords, determine what’s operating in your niche and much more.



4. Ad Networks


Next, if you’ve got some cash to pay, the proper ad network are often good way to induce your videos ahead of individuals who may need your app. Networks like Vungle, NativeX and AdColony are nice places to begin.
Find out what’s working for people in your business and begin from there.



5. Vine


Vine could be a little different in this it permits users to share six-second looping video clips. however don’t let the short video length fool you. you need to be very artistic to return up with videos that individuals can like and find them to transfer your app.



6. TV Platforms


This is wherever things really get exciting for app publishers. With the last refresh of Apple TV, Apple has opened a large market to app developers.
Not only are apps currently out there on Apple TV, however full-screen video ads to advertise apps also can open up a new world of prospects. Imagine however spectacular your app video ads can be on a 50” screen.



7. Twitter


Twitter permits videos that are 30 seconds or less. however keep in mind, Twitter also makes it simple to share videos from different platforms like vine, YouTube and a lot of.
This means that building your Twitter following will assist you leverage your reach for the video content you publish on different platforms. Don’t simply rely on the opportunities on Twitter, however  think about however it will enlarge the reach of your different content.



With numerous video marketing choices out there, it may be tough to understand where to begin. I hope that this post has shown you the opportunities that are available and has given you some ideas on wherever to begin.
Also, detain mind that app promoting videos don’t essentially need to be expensive to make. If you simply want a brief, fun video for Instagram or Twitter, it’s simple to form your own videos with easy screen captures on your phone’s camera.

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