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7 Things You can Do Next to Get Your App Noticed

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7 Things You can Do Next to Get Your App Noticed

  |   Mobile App Development

Have you already launched your app, and seen comparatively smart numbers, however need to grasp wherever to travel from here?
Do you desire you wish to induce additional eyes on your app, however you aren’t certain how?
There are plenty of stuff you may do this may facilitate; on the other hand there are some that nearly definitely can facilitate. We’re about to define seven surefire ways that to induce additional eyes on your app and very get it detected.



Have a solid ASO plan


The first thing you must do is build the foremost of your ASO plan. this suggests using the most effective and most acceptable keywords, which suggests knowing what keywords folks are searching for. Tools like SensorTower, AppAnnie, AppTweak and SearchMan are crucial for this, thus cash in of them.When you’re putt your ASO strategy along, ensure you don’t overlook these parts.
Do an honest job of analyzing, monitoring, and iterating your keyword field and app title, and you’ll see additional downloads and better rankings within the App Store. Ultimately, you wish a tool like SensorTower to offer you an A in your ASO, however even a B is respectable.



Build your social media community


This takes time, however it’s positively one thing you’ll got to retain your community and keep them concerned. Build up your Facebook and Twitter following, and create your users feel like they’re a part of you. this implies providing smart quality content, on a daily basis. Eco Birds will this well with its Instagram community, then will Fun Run two. Each use Instagram to remain connected with their users, who typically post their own updates and game-play videos.



Seek out app reviews from websites and YouTube channels


This is a bit like pitching the media, thus make sure you listen to however you are doing it. We’ve talked regarding the mistakes you’ll build that mean reporters won’t reply to your emails, and people same mistakes apply here.
Be sure, though, that you simply stay persistent. Don’t get discouraged if a YouTuber doesn’t reply to you the primary or second time you reach out to them. Sometimes, people can solely listen to one thing once it’s been in their face four or 5 times.



Maximize the assets the App Store allows you to include


Use as several screenshots and preview videos because the App Store permits you. this offers potential downloader’s a decent view of your app, and makes it easier for them to decide whether or not or not they need to undertake it out.
You can even run A/B tests on your screenshots and different assets, that may be a good way to extend your downloads. If your app is on Google, you’ll even structure this testing using Google Experiments, a technique that a lot of developers have used with great success.



Look for app contests wherever the users vote

There are a large amount of various app contests out there, and that they is nice for exposure for your app. for instance, Best Mobile App Awards has its Open Award Contests that are acceptive applications as of the time of this writing. Another nice chance is 148Apps.com’s Best App Ever Awards that happen each year. The key’s to form certain you specialize in contests wherever the users vote. Otherwise, you won’t get promoted unless you win.


Take advantage of social media advertising

This will definitely value you some cash, however it’ll get you additional downloads. Running Facebook ads and Twitter app cards may be a terrific way to get additional interested users, thus they’re typically worth the investment. Facebook alone has over one.1 billion daily active users, thus you’re sure to notice your market niche there. shopping for app installs may not sound grandiose, however it’s a terrific way to get additional eyes on your app. the most effective half regarding using Facebook ads is that it will typically be less expensive route to require than different User Acquisition routes – most so ticketing app Applauze/955 Dreams generated a ten-fold higher click-through rate and a 50 % lower cost per install using Facebook Ads than it did with its different UA ways.


Watch what your competition is doing

This is a trifle sneaky, and perhaps a tad “black hat,” however watch what your competition is doing. What keywords are they using; however are they structuring their screenshots and app descriptions? This can be an excellent way to develop your own strategy, by building off their success.
The same tools that you simply use for your own ASO, SensorTower and AppAnnie, and others, also can be used to find out what your contender will. Leverage these tools to your advantage, and build the foremost of them.



There’s seven ways you’ll place into action to induce your app detected. These aren’t essentially sure to get you thousands of downloads; however they’ll definitely place you on the proper track. Place these ways into motion, and you’ll see a dramatic dealing in your transfer rates and your App Store rankings.

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