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9 Ecommerce Marketing Skills That Drive Success


9 Ecommerce Marketing Skills That Drive Success

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E-commerce business calls for a diverse set of marketing skills that drive success. Consagous stands out as a digital marketing strategist with a large clientele base. A digital marketing strategy constitutes everything from SEO to blogging to PPC to name a few.

An experienced team of professionals is required which is fully dedicated to digital marketing. Let’s dive into must-haves skills for the success of any digital marketing strategy.


1. Content Marketing


Your content is your face to your prospects. A good content is what pours in traffic and of course, a good traffic means an increase in lead generation. Writing is not limited to blogs it includes product description, ‘Regarding us’ page, video script, and newsletters.

Content is very crucial because your prospects don’t know you, your content and testimonials from your existing clients is all they have. Be smart in what you serve.

In case of e-commerce, you need to be clear with your content and your content should deliver valuable information.


2. Data Analysis


Facts and statistics are the power of marketing professionals. A marketing campaign led without facts and figures in hand may turn out to be a big waste of resources.

For a successful marketing campaign examine facts and statistics closely and then make a judgment.

Now, what is data analysis?

Data analysis is the ability to comprehensively think and forecast the implications of statistics.

E-commerce is one of the agilest industries which in turn calls for rapid improvement. These rapid improvements can be planned with trend analysis.


3. Testing and Information Collection


If you are going to analyze data, it’s obvious you will need to have relevant data. Closely associated with clarifying and analyzing knowledge is the ability to gather facts and statistics regarding your company’s marketing performance.

The baby step for it would be properly set up Google Analytics and optimizing it for generating relevant reports.

It will involve understanding how testing works and exploiting testing platforms like Optimizely or similar. Data collection and testing will include the flexibility to gather knowledge from every code package your business uses – like sales information, email reports, or order management.

This in-house information is more reliable than outside sources and it can be collected in the desired form. For example, if you want to know the geographical area in which your major customer base is situated, you can simply filter sales with sales amount and location and there you go.


4. Design


Graphics captures the attention first for the obvious reason that presentation matters. For instance, if a customer is viewing your product on mobile and your website isn’t mobile responsive, it will leave a bad impression and maybe the customer will switch to your competitors’ websites.

Backing up the above, this is what statistics has to say:


59% of consumers globally would rather engage with content that’s beautifully designed as opposed to simply designed —even when short on time. (Source: Adobe)


Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. (Source: Adobe)


38% of visitors will stop engaging if the website content and layout is unattractive.

(Source: Go Globe)


It is essential for a designer to keep above facts in mind and ensure that the website conforms to the guidelines.

The most important factor of driving and keeping people engaged is to offer best UX and UI.

Take it this way, if you have got a good product to market you won’t have to spend much time on marketing it. Making a quality product is a baby step to brand building and a good brand sells itself.

For the success of e-commerce look and feel of your site, your ads, and your brand materials matters.

So designing skills will be a must-have for your digital marketing portfolio.


5. Development


A basic understanding of HTML and CSS will pay back in long term. It enables you to do a much better job of posting articles in WordPress or you can develop your own promoting tools and reports.

Though digital promotion jobs require minimum tech experience but learning to code will expand your possibilities for lead generations as you will be building your self-coded customized software for digital promotion.


6. Advertising


E-commerce advertising should be planned, created, purchased, executed, and measured and it should be done in several channels, using several sorts of media, together with pay-per-click advertising on search engines and on social media sites, show advertising, native advertising, mobile advertising, video commercials, and more.

The skill of Ad management is a high-end promoting ability that may take a longer time to master. but it’s definitely worth the effort because advertising drives sales and in turn profits.


7. Email Promoting


Let us introduce you to the most effective way of marketing in the field of e-commerce. E-mail marketing is used for ages now and has given proven results.

Given that e-mail marketing is significant, one must attention to details while bulk-mailing the prospects.

For e-commerce, it is highly recommended to draft a newsletter and give updates regarding the latest discount offers and seasonal sales.

Email promotion is a skill because you will always be required to come up with catchy and personalized subject line which prompts the prospective buyer to open the email and go to your website to check out what’s new.

You won’t need to take classes for this skill, just pore over handouts on this subject and observe how other leading e-commerce websites do it and you are good to go.


8. Marketing Automation


Marketing automation will detract promoting expenses, increase conversion rates, boost average order price, and, in some cases, even improve shopper expertise.

As a skill, promoting automation is regarding managing the processes and workflows in an automation platform like Marketo, Infusionsoft, or even MailChimp.


9. Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimisation is the method of optimising your web pages for web crawlers to access easily. The concept is that if Google, Bing, and different search engines will simply realize and catalog what’s on your page, it will a lot of simply list your site on the acceptable results pages.

Done well, SEO can help build your site easy to find, which will push it first SERP.

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