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AR/VR App Development Services

Transform your Product and Service into a highly engaging, innovative and interactive experience for customers/clients. We provide a wide range of immersive solutions across multiple industry verticals.


At Consagous, we offer augmented reality software development services for the world’s leading agencies. We have experience working with popular augmented reality SDKs—ARKit for iOS Mobile Application Development and ARCore for Android Mobile App Development so we can provide the IT solutions needed to bring your idea to life.


With the help of Augmented Reality App Development solutions, Consagous Technologies offers an enhanced version of the software integrated with sensors like graphics, sound, video and more. Recently AR ecosystem has received a fresh start with Google’s ARCore launch with respect to augmented reality for iOS and Android software development so its right time to absorb it into your business module.


Mixed Reality Development Services


Consagous offer Mixed Reality solutions for unprecedented access to information. Mixed Reality app development allows us to transform each and every aspect of products and services by enhancing visibility and engagement.


Some of the use cases of Mixed Reality technology in various domains include:


  • As collaborative and constructive learning spaces
  • Television shows
  • Virtual Training in the airline industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Museum Environments
  • The design review process in manufacturing


Our AR/VR Technology App Development Services


  • AR, VR and MR solutions to improve branding and customer/client engagement
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) based e-commerce solution
  • VR based training solutions for training workers, employees on various operations and processes
  • AR/VR app development services for marketing & sales
  • AR/VR solutions for real estate & Interior designing- virtual visits, virtual customization in home interior and furniture
  • AR/VR solution for Automobile – virtual experiential showrooms for customers
  • Mixed reality development services for various sectors.


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