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Android App Development Trends to Watch in 2016

Android App Development Trends

Android App Development Trends to Watch in 2016

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we are at the epicentre of an info and technology boom. The tech world is experiencing exponential growth in each apps and connected things. end users are partaking product and applications more often and differently than before. Smartphones are simply a “dumb box.” However, with apps, smartphones and smart technology become life changing.
Let’s look at a bit deeper into specific android application development trends.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is expected that there’ll be fifty billion connected devices during this world by 2020. That’s six connections per each living person on Earth. Today, we’re simply obtaining started. for instance, the connected home went thought in 2015, with smart refrigerators, sensible security systems and even good door locks.
For every connected factor, there needs to be an application powering it. Therefore, developers ought to be aware of what hardware apparatuses a “chip” will move into and how it may benefit someone to track and manage that factor remotely. The task at hand is to remodel IoT science projects into marketable products. Developers will be tasked with creating that critical link in 2016 and beyond.

Enterprise App Development

The lines that separate our work and personal lives are blurred. In fact, there’s likely a virtual line in our smartphone sandboxing the two. At the same time, apps are quickly turning into a vicinity of our work lexicon. does any of this sound familiar? “Let’s Webex it. “Can you Dropbox that?” “I’ll Echosign your contract tonight.” “Did you get down that in Salesforce?”
Today, enterprise apps are very important. Certainly, app developers have reaped the rewards. In fact, forty third of mobile enterprise app developers build over $10,000 a month, compared to nineteen of consumer app developers. there’ll still be a strong marketplace for applications that solve business problems which keep staff connected, productive, safe and efficient.

Faster Mobile Development and Growth in Cross-Platform Tools

End users want alternative. they need a large number of apps to be available to them on a multitude of devices. the ability of the top user management is driving forces like BYOD within the workplace. it’s also increasing the requirement for apps to be available across android and iOS. Today, an app should be available and work flawlessly across platforms and devices in order to thrive.
To top it off, ideas for apps should be executed quickly and hurried to promote. Therefore, cross-platform development toolsets can continue to step up to fill in the need for bringing apps to promote quickly, effectively and broadly.

Increased Focus on UX

From design to development, successful app groups have actually come back to realize that with the increased expectations/standards of today’s users, the user experience should stay at the forefront. Ultimately, in order to create a more successful, popular app, developers need to understand the core principles of ux. this can be assisted by communicating clear expectations in the hand-off method from designers to development.
accordingly, developers need to take the initiative to collaborate additional with ux designers. Constant clarification and transparency should be sought regarding the vision. even as engagement is key for an app, it is also important for ux designers and developers.
Without delivering the most effective user expertise, an app will quickly “die” and become replaced with different apps that really did take the time to optimize the ux. It’s unfortunately a common fate of the many apps. Yet, on top of strengthening communication between developers and ux designers, there is another solution that developers will implement in order to help prevent the death of their app. By leveraging ux app analytics via Appsee, developers will higher understand a way to troubleshoot errors in their app’s ux as well as recognize opportunities for optimization. Tools like Appsee are critical for getting the ux right.

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