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Android Application Store & iOS Application store Optimization

iOS Application store Optimization

Android Application Store & iOS Application store Optimization

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Millions of individuals are spending longer on their mobile devices and within mobile apps. Mobile apps are speedily replacing websites because the digital hub for businesses and makes.   however do you get your target market finding and using your app?For firms or brands with existing channels,like a morning television show or a preferred web service, getting mobile users starts with activating their current fans or users. Businesses while not a TV air time or while not large user bases like Pandora, Facebook or Twitter still typically have email lists and an internet site with visitors.

Promoting a brand new mobile app through these channels is essential, however fails to address the most important source for brand new users – people checking out your services within the app stores.

User Acquisition Channels

With the explosion of mobile app usage comes an increasing competition for users. the most well-liked channels for getting mobile app users are app store search and advertising.

For all but the very biggest mobile apps, advertising pay is allocated to a paid install campaign, on a price per install (CPI) basis. Between an hyperbolic competition for mobile users, and non-mobile brands competitory for mobile ad inventory, CPI prices have skyrocketed over the last thirty six months.

According to the mobile advertising platform Fiksu, the cost of getting a loyal user (a user who opens the app a minimum of 3 times) has up from $1.13 in Sept of 2012 to $4.14 for Sept 2015.

Because both Google Play and Apple embrace downloads and download rate in their app store rankings, CPI campaigns also are used in “burst” campaigns.  The goal being to “buy” a burst of installs to rise the charts and hopefully acquire users organically because of increased  visibility. getting  enough traffic to hit the highest a hundred approximately within the U.S. app stores would need investment $50,000 k per day on a CPI burst campaign in hopes of getting organic traffic.

Achieving Visibility within the App Stores

The number one source of app discovery and app installs is app store search. more users notice apps to deal with their immediate desires by opening the Apple App Store or Google Play and searching. once a user enters a search, the results and rankings are mostly determined by:

  1. The app store listing and its relevancy to the search.
  2. App performance metrics as well as conversion from search, downloads and ratings.

How To Optimize An App Listing

Our data tells U.S. that individuals are looking the app stores for features using 2 to 3 word phrases. The app stores are huge, with each store each housing over 1.5 million apps. obscure or short searches result in irrelevant  results, therefore we’ve got been trained to be specific once searching.

By identifying your app’s most essential and differentiating options, you get an inspiration of however your target market is probably going to find your app within the app stores. it’s necessary to grasp not only how you’d describe main features, but how your target audience would describe and explore for them.

Apple includes a private/hidden keyword field limited to a hundred characters that’s used to help Apple to know what keywords the publishers thinks the app has relevancy to. Break phrases into words, and separated by commas without spaces and remove duplicate words.

Google is similar however instead uses the in public visible fields of short and full description rather than a private keywords field for determining a way to index your app. Google Play’s regulation process uses the description; Highlight the your apps’ key features using the phrases folks would be searching for.

There is rather more to building and execution an on-going app store improvement strategy that delivers results. Optimizing an app listing is simply the beginning of a long-run ASO process, however it’s also the beginning of organically gaining more and more traffic within the app stores.


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