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Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Apps and Softwares for Intelligent People

Cognitive technology made affordable for everyone

Integrating Artificial Intelligence services using semantic and cognitive technology with your existing or prospective business models and third-party applications is smart and a must move to survive in the tech evolving space.

We believe in delivering the high-grade performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically purvey to their specifications and maximize their return on investments by automating tasks thus boosting their productivity.

We are a team of best AI Solutions providers with years of experience in developing, designing and integrating Artificial Intelligence techniques within the customer’s business environment like Telecommunications, Healthcare, Customer Services, Education, Manufacturing, Financial Services, or Marketing etc.



We have the ability to provide custom-built solutions exclusively for your business environment with a wide range of applications which will empower business.


We work closely with clients for the end to end implementation of Artificial Intelligence business solutions right from gathering requirement to user training and support. We ensure that solutions are integrated with your current & 3rd party applications.
User Training & Support

User Training & Support

We offer appropriate user training and after deployment support-services from experts to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is streamlined with your business environment.

Why to consider Consagous for AI enabled app development?

With over a decade of experience, Consagous is in a unique position to deliver AI enabled applications including AI embedded within the business apps.

We develop fine AI-infused apps to learn and adapt according to the data they process, are intended for a broad range of businesses. These apps provide them with useful customer insights to make better decisions. For an unprecedented leap into future, let us become your catalyzer for all that you envision about AI.

Responsive apps:

We develop bespoke AI based mobile apps which are responsive to various devices and also compatible with multiple platforms at once. The essence of AI is learning from an abundance of data including behavioral patterns and the crucial element for reliable AI models is extensive domain knowledge to understand findings and further refine the models.

Over the years, Consagous has attained broad expertise in technology, business processes, and analytics which we can put to use in developing AI models for those who are seeking to blow life in their business idea.

Economic Solution:

Consagous delivers a complete suite of business-oriented, AI-enabled apps to enables top executives to make informed decisions across business operations.

We have devised cost-effective approaches to code mobile and web machine learning apps to enhance the ROI of the clients.

Extensive App Marketing:

We believe in extensive app marketing to reach the target audience. A team of marketing experts backs us who have the capability to cover all the platforms for marketing.

Return on Investment:

We deploy prolific approach and feature-rich technology that can automatically reduce the cost of developing AI apps and ensure a better return on investment.


Deep empathy with clients keeps us always available to hear from them in order to handle their query and solve the problem. we have a dedicated team of BAs, Tech lead, and Project Managers to personally deal with clients and troubleshoot for them at once.

Industry-wise Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

  • Predicting market movements
  • Turn big data into big insights
E-Commerce Industry

E-Commerce Industry

  • Customized AI-based applications with real-time reports
  • Speech recognition services


  • Support decision-making and research
  • Improve the daycare


  • Information security
  • Integrated voice support
  • Multilingual
  • Information accuracy
  • Auto update knowledge base


  • Image recognition
  • Product recommendations
  • Chat functionality
Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

  • Insights about the market
  • Analyse consumer buying behavior
  • Real-time reports for customer preferences & trends


Their Magento resources are all certified and competent
Doug Henningsen
President / True Transport Inc.
Great programer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use him again.
David Gyurits
Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance
GREAT" experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication and offer a variety of works. I would hugly recommend them.
Aaron Kotasi
CEO / Kowolar Solutions
Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
Stanley Norris
Founder and Director / Wowbeing - Holistic Lifestyle Solution
They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to use them.
Christopher Lang
Co-Founder / Creative Director / Optimize Business Solutions
"If anybody asks me how to do remote management, I always recommend Consagous and nobody else."
Jitu Telang
CTO / Loyakk Inc
The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far... A+++++++++++++++++++
Rotimi Omotunwase
Founder / Fusionplus Television - fusionplustv.com
The one member who dealt with me at the end did the work fast, and specific to what I wanted, without any problems. Fast, good communication, and delivered in perfectly. For him, 10/10.
Cecilia Hanif
Owner/CTO / i5marketing

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