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Best Blogging Mobile Application for Android Users

Blogging Mobile Application

Best Blogging Mobile Application for Android Users

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Bloggers everywhere rejoiced once they no longer had to be in chains to their laptops and their desktops. now able to journal directly from android mobile devices, like phones and tablets, bloggers can capture their every day life and update things as they happen.
With the number of blogging apps on the android Marketplace, it’s tough to decide on which ones you should accompany. to help narrow your choices, we present our prime picks for the some best blogging apps for android phones and tablets.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, video links, and quotes to their tumblelog. It additionally allows users to follow alternative tumblelogs that they find fascinating and to view their posts on the Dashboard. it is conjointly possible to reblog posts so that it shows up on users’ own tumblelog.
part from that, but The Tumblr app is capable of saving drafts, queuing posts, customizing tweets, and more. It also permits you to manage your main journal, other blogs. One advantage of the Tumblr app on an android device is that you just can find and follow folks from your address book.
if you like to start with Tumblr. You can Download Tumblr App From Android Play Store.


For bloggers who would love to post longer, largely text-based entries, then WordPress is for you. The WordPress android app has been developed to stay up with the demands of excellent and convenient smartphone blogging. The app is quick and sleek, however works best on tablets. Blogging on smartphones could also be a bit tough, given the considerably smaller display.
Just like its desktop counterpart, the WordPress app allows you to make new posts, edit old ones, view journal statistics, and manage comments on your existing WordPress blogs. A advantage of this application is that it supports each WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs.
if you like to start with WordPress. You can Download WordPress App From Android Play Store.


Blogger was developed by Google, and since of this, it’s created the sign-up method easier. No need to make different username and password–you will use your Google credentials to log in and begin blogging.
The Blogger app comes with features that enable early publishing of stories posts, adding footage to your blog entries, and labels. you’ll even add a location to every of your posts. If you’ve got multiple blogs, don’t worry. The Blogger app allows you to simply switch between them.
if you like to start with Blogger . You can Download Blogger App From Android Play Store.


If you’ve been a long-time fan of LiveJournal, you’ll not be disappointed. The official LiveJournal app provides you quick access to your journal from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Nearly just like its desktop counterpart, the app allows you to post entries, manage comments, additionally as manage posts you’ve published.
If you’re out on an journey and want to chronicle your progress, the LiveJournal app permits you to compose drafts so you’ll be able to post the whole thing when you either complete your journey or when you’re want to share it along with your friends.
You can even post to communities. You don’t need to feel limited by posting simply word-based entries as a result of you can additionally include photos, and build and post polls.
if you like to start with LiveJournal. You can Download LiveJournal App From Android Play Store.

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