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Best Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Platform

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Best Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Platform

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Over the years, Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our day to day life. All through these years one of the major challenges that app developers stood before was creating applications that run well on multiple platforms. All these troubles have ended with cross-platform mobile application development tools that assist in designing cutting edge and productive apps in a short duration of time which functions well on all the platforms.
The contemporary app code supports the concept of write once, run anywhere (WORA). The developer has to write code just once on one platform and then it can be run on multiple platforms. The purpose of such tools is to save developer’s time and effort. The code written once can be reused by developers to design apps that can work efficiently on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and many more.


Xamarin has been going from strength-to-strength recently, attracting a record-setting investment and methodically building out its platform and increasing its reach. Over the last year approximately since the discharge of Xamarin two, the corporate has actually emerged mutually of the leading solutions for cross-platform development. Xamarin is additionally terribly keen to emphasize its business credentials with the recent announcements of enterprise partnerships with IBM, Xoriant and – last year – with Microsoft.


PhoneGap is probably the foremost well-known cross-platform development complete among the development community. The currently Adobe-owned tool is predicated on the open source Apache Cordova project and is completely free to use, which matches a way to elucidate its quality. Adobe is additionally performing on an enterprise version of PhoneGap. The enterprise version boasts marketing features via Adobe’s promoting Cloud, thus once it launches it’ll most likely be monetized.


Appcelerator is an enterprise-focused development platform that lets developers write JavaScript with its Alloy MVC framework. the utilization of JavaScript is helpful, as several developers will already be accustomed to the language, reducing the requirement to pay time progressing to grips with unfamiliar code. Appcelerator additionally offers a virtual non-public cloud choice for enterprise customers, that is nice news if you’re employed with sensitive company knowledge. The enterprise product additionally comes with analytics, performance management, and observation and dedicated infrastructure. However, you’ll need to contact them directly for valuation.


iFactr is designed chiefly for enterprises wanting to quickly build out apps for his or her mobile workers. the corporate says its platform offers a really low learning curve, permitting developers to urge to grips with the fundamentals within 2 to 3 days of training. iFactr additionally promotes its strong prototyping options, permitting corporations to quickly produce prototypes for their staff to check out. The iFactr platform uses Xamarin to compile its native apps on iOS and Android, whereas PhoneGap is additionally engineered into the tool.

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