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Frameworks Which Simplifies Hybrid Mobile Development And Increases Agility

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Frameworks Which Simplifies Hybrid Mobile Development And Increases Agility

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Developers who develop mobile apps are very much aware of the constant struggle between speed and quality in mobile apps. Actually, the main problem for developers is long development cycle which they have to follow while developing mobile applications.

But now luckily, Hybrid mobile development has solved this problem by allowing developers to write code once and use it for creating applications for multiple platforms with no extra efforts.

So if you are an entrepreneur looking to develop a hybrid mobile app without a tediously long development cycle, here are some frameworks that will help you build great and amazing mobile hybrid applications


IONIC is one of the most popular framework for HTML 5 mobile apps which is designed with the help of SASS. It provides several UI elements to help the developers to build rich and interactive apps. IONIC uses the JavaScript MVVM framework and AngularJS to strengthen the mobile apps. AngularJS allows developers to do two-way information binding, interaction with backend services and let you to expand HTML vocabularies.


Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an HTML 5 framework which uses Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to make interactive mobile apps.
The main features of Mobile AngularUI include:

1- Bootstrap 3
2- AngularJS

Bootstrap 3 is a free and open-source library for designing mobile applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for switches, overlays, and sidebars which are missing in traditional bootstrap.

AngularJS provides tools for building the most suited framework for your application development and it works flexibly with other libraries. In AngularJS, the feature can be modified or replaced according to the development needs of mobile apps.

Mobile Angular UI doesn’t depend on any jQuery as it uses the AngularJS directives to make amazing mobile user experiences.


Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is an open source mobile application framework that is capable enough to make hybrid apps for various mobile platforms. It has a complete solution for building hybrid mobile apps only you have to install titanium studio on your system. The titanium SDK is equipped with a variety of mobile platform APIs and also comes with platform-independent APIs that makes it easier to access phone hardware.

Titanium uses Alloy, an MVC framework to speed up the mobile development process and It’s modules are easy to reuse in completely different apps, therefore it significantly reduces the development cost and time effectively.



PhoneGap is an amazing framework which is introduced by Adobe System to develop mobile applications. To develop apps using PhoneGap, the developer does not need to be expert in a programming language, if he is good in web-development languages like HTML, CSS, and JScript than he can develop an app easily. It can create apps for all popular mobile OS platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

You can use any JavaScript or UI frameworks to get started with PhoneGap but jQuery Mobile with KnockOut.js or AngularJS could be a nice combination. Once you’re done with your code, PhoneGap wraps it with the suitable platform and provides “WebView” using an abstraction layer, which otherwise is inaccessible to a normal webpage.

All these Cross-platform hybrid solutions will allow you to use a single codebase to your target multiple platforms, rather than writing different code for each platform separately. A number of startups are using this technology to quickly penetrate the market, to provide a more robust solution.Use these frameworks to more strategically manage your entrance into the mobile app market and to make your decisions wisely.

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