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Resources which can be helpful for Android application Developer

Android application Developer

Resources which can be helpful for Android application Developer

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One of the best parts of a career in android development is that the spirited community. The android developer system is dynamic and dependent, with devs sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials across the web and in real life at hackathons, conferences, meetups, and more.As you get up on your skills as an android application developer, make sure to check out the following toolkit of Some Best online resources for everything from keeping you up to date on industry.


NEWS: Stay in the know on the industry

Android Weekly : This free weekly newsletters includes everything from articles and tutorials to videos and GitHub libraries. It’s a must-subscribe for android developers of all ability levels.
AndroidHive : India-based Ravi Tamada’s all-things-Android hub shares the newest and greatest regarding android.

Google Developers Twitter account: wherever better to get news regarding android than from the source itself? Get the newest info in real time.


TIPS, TRICKS, AND TUTORIALS: Strengthen your skills

Vogella : The programming tutorials on this web site are go-tos for android developers. Get a deep dive into everything from debugging android apps to victimization the Google Maps android API.

Android developer hub: The official android developer web site is appropriate burst with  tools, training, downloads, code samples, an intensive package library, and much more.

Android Open Source : Another perk of developing on android is that the complete source code is out there for free online. The android Open source web site offers the data you would like to make custom variants of the android stack and to port devices and accessories to the platform. the site also includes guides to performing completely different actions with the android source code, like how to run the android emulator, moreover as Google teams discussions around projects like porting android to a brand new device.

Tuts+ : The video courses and written tutorials on this web site assist you learn everything from how to add pellcheck functionality to your apps to how to use fabric, Twitter’s mobile development platform.

INSPIRATION: Stimulate your brain

Android Niceties : This Tumblr journal collects screenshots from a number of the most visually compelling android apps available for download today. Scroll through for a heavy dose of inspiration.

Android Developers YouTube channel : Google’s android Developers YouTube page includes videos from live android events, also as demos and tutorials. however last, the channel has been airing a series of high-quality inspirational stories from firms just like the Hunt and haystack TV leveraging android development in cool, impactful ways.

App design Served : Pore over the work of fellow android developers during this Behance- curated collection of phone and tablet app screenshots. make certain to search by android to look at the foremost relevant work examples.

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