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Blockchain Services

Blockchain Services

Leverage Blockchain Technology to transform your key business processes.

Blockchain, the technology underlying bitcoin, is a distributed ledger that aids transactions among participants in a network without a trusted intermediary. Blockchain Technology application has the potential to bring a major transformation in the way the world lives and works.

We offer a complete suite of technical support and consulting services in leveraging distributed ledger with blockchain technology. Our global team of experts works with each client on their current problems and potential blockchain driven solutions.

We are the end to end partner in Blockchain Application Development and implementation. We ideate, evaluate and shortlist the solutions which enhance the value driven for business.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

We work closely with our clients to evaluate Blockchain applicability, its business implications, and formulate its deployment strategy.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain Technology Solutions

Our team of seasoned professionals design tailor-made blockchain oriented solutions for business problems encompassing people, process, operating model, and technology.


Interoperability, Integration and Solution Implementation

We troubleshoot interoperability issues in blockchain and work rigorously on complex implementation management and third-party vendor integration.

Why is Consagous preferred for Blockchain Applications?

Consagous Technologies is a prominent name among the best Blockchain App Developers worldwide. We have an experienced team of professional Blockchain Developers who have worked with clients across the world over the years.

Every penny invested in Blockchain should bring you a greater feeling of information security. We, at the developer end, understand it quite well and help you and your organization to take a bigger leap in the future of technology.

We are confident to deliver best in Blockchain technology as per industry standards. We stand out as top Blockchain developer as we are well-versed in working on Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Big chain DB, Ethereum, and IPFS.

Blockchain disrupts the complex and time-consuming process of business-to-business transactions with an alternative that’s transparent, verifiable, and tamper-proof. The benefits of hiring Consagous for Blockchain apps include:

Automation of Processes

Consagous helps you to automate data exchange and the processes with Blockchain technology. With this, it is practically possible to eliminate offline or batch reconciliation. Payments can be processed automatically based on preset conditions. Long processes are now completed in real-time.


We customize as per your enterprise needs and size as we believe in keeping client's satisfaction at the first priority. We develop responsive web and mobile Blockchain apps which are compatible with multiple platforms. These apps are capable of reducing costs by accelerating transactions and eliminating settlement processes, faster automation, increase the visibility of distributed transactions across your authorized business network, and enhance security.

Cost Effective:

We provide a complete suite of business-oriented, Blockchain apps that fit right into your budget. Our cost-effective approach to develop solutions has enabled us to help clients to make big savings in investment in technologies.

Support Round the Clock:

We stay by your side during the whole development phase and even after deployment. Our team of humble and prompt Business Analysts and project managers are dedicated to handling all the queries at the client's end at any given hour.

Industry Wise Blockchain Application



  • Cargo Assurance
  • Demurrage and Claims
Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Corporate Bonds (Trade & Settlement)
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Global Remittance
  • P2P Payments
  • Trade Finance


  • Health Records
  • Pharma Supply Chain Transparency
  • Provider Data Management


  • Commercial Insurance & Reinsurance
  • P2P Insurance
  • Subrogation


  • Inventory Visibility
  • Parts Provenance
  • Service Order Shipment


  • Distributed Marketplace
  • Food Safety in Supply Chain
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Loyalty Reward Points


Their Magento resources are all certified and competent
Doug Henningsen
President / True Transport Inc.
Great programer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use him again.
David Gyurits
Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance
GREAT" experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication and offer a variety of works. I would hugly recommend them.
Aaron Kotasi
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Their Magento resources are all certified and competent.
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Jitu Telang
CTO / Loyakk Inc
The best i have worked with on scriptlance so far... A+++++++++++++++++++
Rotimi Omotunwase
Founder / Fusionplus Television - fusionplustv.com
The one member who dealt with me at the end did the work fast, and specific to what I wanted, without any problems. Fast, good communication, and delivered in perfectly. For him, 10/10.
Cecilia Hanif
Owner/CTO / i5marketing