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Advantages of Custom Android App Development

Advantages of Custom Android App Development

Advantages of Custom Android App Development

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According to the report of  Kantar Worldpanel, Android is giving a toughest competition to Apple by shifting its devices around Chinese New Year and showed huge growth in urban China during the February 2016. At that time, Android has gained 3.4% growth in the same market and represents 76.4% of a vital growth. In 2017, it was noticed that the Android operating system had almost covered 90% of the mobile market share and is never going to freeze in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, market doyens have noticed no growth in the iOS market and this was a first time when Apple has not grown share in urban China.


Therefore software developers shifted their interest in building Android smartphone applications for getting a tremendous size of the audience.  


According to the Guenveur “In the US, roughly 69% of consumers spend under $350 for Android phones while only 39% of buyers spend on Apple mobiles. This represents a unique opportunity for Android smartphones as their prices are comparatively lower than the iOS mobiles.”


However, going with just one category of smartphones, will most likely not fetch the intended outcome but from the above-mentioned research, you can measure the potential of custom Android mobile applications. Let’s discuss its benefits and how it can help industries and organizations to target the right audience.  


Benefits Of Custom Android App Development


We all know that technologies keep changing and 2018 comes up with a pleasant anticipation. The latest trends of mobile applications not only smooth your application development process but also help your business to keeps up in the market race. Though there are enormous benefits of custom mobile application development here we have mentioned few of them. Let’s have a look:


1. Save time and money


In ordinary software, there is a certain package of features in which some of them could be very helpful to you and some may be completely inoperative but you have to pay for the whole package. But in custom software, all its functions are strictly tailored according to the user’s demands — they choose what to pay for. Other than this, in custom mobile apps you don’t need to burn your money in installation, data import, additional support, etc as they come with fully equipped features for long-term benefits.


2. Minimum Cost – Maximum ROI


We all know that Android is an open source platform and its software development kit can be shared by developers from across the world. Therefore companies and their investors have no need to worry about the cost of licenses or loyalty. Beside this, for Android developers, it is very easy to get the newest OS versions from their community.


Building a custom Android application includes low investment and contain simplified development process so you don’t have to spend too much on app’s distribution. Eventually, users want an interactive and regularly updated app that can provide a high return on investments and custom Android mobile applications are the best fit for it.  


3. Offer high business security


The custom mobile application offers a high security as compared to the normal mobile app as these apps are specially designed to fulfill the specific requirements of the business that requires highest security level. Therefore, it is good to have one in your business model so that hackers can not break your security guards to leak your sensitive data.


Summing Up


Those days are gone when creating a custom app development was a complex deal. Now it becomes easy to design full-fledged custom Android mobile applications that can push your business to a different extent.


If you want the mobile application for business, choose custom Android development at the beginning of your way. It’s a completely unique solution that can empower your business in a few bucks.

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