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AI For Mobile App: New Solutions To Speed Up Performance

AI-based mobile apps

AI For Mobile App: New Solutions To Speed Up Performance

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According to recent research done by GSMA Intelligence, more than 5 billion people around the world have a mobile phone connection. Now, we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones, which are progressively turning from convenient everyday tools into complex things like medical devices. Many fortune five companies are started focusing on building AI tools for mobile devices.


But because of the serious deficit of mobile app developers in the AI industry, it is very difficult to implement the potential of this technology. Many mobile app development companies are started working to address this issue with the latest solutions that allow mobile app developers to archetype and valuate models quickly on mobile devices.


With the cutting edge tools, mobile app developers with basic knowledge can use Artificial Intelligence to add their models to the application and see the output in real time.


According to a survey, “the global market in AI will double within two years and reach nearly 60 billion USD by 2025”. We are on the cusp of an AI explosion but Enterprises are looking to AI for actionable business gains that can deliver fruitful returns, but where should they start?  


AI is now mushrooming and it will create a revolution in IT industry and you can be part of this if you strategize it well and integrate it well in mobile app development and make it your USP while presenting your company to the clients. Google is also highly encouraging AI and also released the AI based toolkit to help the Android mobile app developers to build apps easily and smoothly.


Why Artificial intelligence Will Go on Mobile App Development


From smart chatbots to predictive analytics, the new advancements of AI are precisely tailored for mobile app development. Here is a complete list of the AI-based modification that businesses must start assimilating into their apps:  


1. Face Detection


AI made it possible for people to unlock their smartphones without tabbing with the help of Deep Learning features with utmost accuracy. Face recognition is a computer technology that not only identifies a human face but also presents the function in different frames. Now all most, all mobile app development companies started using Image Recognition (IR) technology in their security-based apps to verify users by their faces. This will not only secure the apps but also prevent confidential data from leakage. Mobile app developers are now trying to implement this feature for processing credit card payments just with a scan of face without needing to swipe a card.


2. AI Chatbots


AI is filling the gap between customers and businesses. Chatbots are now becoming the most prevailing choice for brands to offer exceptional conversational experience to their customers. The AI Chatbots are not perfectly managing multiple users simultaneously but also improve their query response with each conversation. According to a study, around 94% of smartphone users think that Chatbots provide them with the right ideal solutions to fulfill their requirements with personalized products or services.


Another study from Oracle revealed that “80% of businesses are expected to use bots by the year 2020”. This research shows that AI chatbots are not going anywhere and will transform the market in various positive ways.


3. Image and Voice Recognition


Artificial Intelligence has standardized the search engine experience for users by allowing them to google via not only text but also images and voice. Most mobile app development companies and businesses will assimilate voice recognition, app localization, and image recognition features into their mobile app development to enhance the user experience as well as conversion rate.


4. Robust App Authentication


According to research, most AI-based apps will be developed with parallel technologies including Predictive Analysis and ML algorithms. In this way, businesses will be able to collect user data via mobile devices, traffic sources and POS machines, and then take decisions through the collected information using algorithms to solve app security concerns, frauds, and other threats. This will also enable them to find the latest trends and adjust their app to deliver enrich personalized experiences. Such kind of mobile applications will analyze the user behavior and alert them about any suspicious threats and breach vulnerabilities.  

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