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Why Cloud Technology Is the Smart Move For Startups


Why Cloud Technology Is the Smart Move For Startups

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Startups these days works on edge which is why one must concentrate on maximising the available resources and optimise the costs to achieve the BEP (Break Even Point). There is no sure shot recipe that will work for every startup but there is a big cost saving you can do immediately.
For a startup storing data offline to keep it safe will call for a big investment. How about paying a little some to cloud vendor and get away with the responsibility of storing and securing the data.
Cloud technology for startups is the best solution in that case. But there are still many cobwebs that keep startups from opting for cloud computing.
There are confusions like what kind of cloud is most suitable for the startups. How can the cloud be put to use and how it is more secure than storing the data locally.

There are three types of cloud computing a startup can make use of:

Platform as a service (PaaS)
In this category of cloud computing, your service provider will avail the tools you need to develop your applications. The provision of the software and hardware tools over the internet is the service. This saves you from having to design or install these tools in-house.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
This model provides you with computing infrastructures like network connections, IP addresses, load balancers, server space, and other factors in a virtual environment.

Cloud Management
This only involves the management of the products and services availed by cloud computing.

Now which cloud computing service you need will totally depend on the kind of startup you are and the ancillary services you wish to use along with the main services.
Also, the type of service you choose depends on whether you are bootstrapped or great funded. Usually, bootstrapped startups have cost control at the top on their list of priorities while great startups will always go for speed and customization.

Why use Cloud Computing?

Now let’s address the reason why one should opt for cloud computing.

Cost Savings
The most important reason for a startup to consider any proposal is the cost savings it will bring. Cloud is a cheaper resource and will save a considerable amount of money. The cloud allows you to access excellent computing capabilities at prices that are lower than it would cost to develop such capacities in-house.

Cloud computing is agile and can be virtually scaled up or down according to the needs of your startup almost immediately.
Previously, for the capacities that cloud computing offers one had to invest substantially in physical infrastructure which is why scaling up and down was a clumsy option.
Now with cloud computing, no heavy infrastructure investments are required and servers can be added in just a few minutes.

Always-on availability
Most cloud providers are extremely reliable in providing their services, with many maintaining 99.99% uptime. This level of uptime and with a connection which is always on, the user can get the applications they need from anywhere. Some applications even work offline as well.

Facilitate M&A activity
Before cloud computing, traditional computing required years of migrating applications and decommissioning data centers before two companies are running on one IT platform. Cloud computing accommodates faster changes so that two companies can become one much faster and more efficiently.

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