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Electronic Health Records (EHR) is what is pulling Tech Giants to Healthcare

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is what is pulling Tech Giants to Healthcare

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is what is pulling Tech Giants to Healthcare

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Healthcare holds a lot of appeal for tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon in spite of the high capital investment and regulatory hurdles. The sector’s potential to churn revenue and the prospect of affecting people’s lives for the better by analysing health data is a magnet for these tech conglomerates.


A lot of health information in the form of records has been digitised but it is still far from being readily useful or shareable. And this is where big tech companies like Apple and Amazon are planning big for cloud based Electronic Health Records (EHR) for physicians and health facilities.


It has been reported through industry analysts that Apple is planning a new type of EHR as part of a new device as its big entry into the world of mobile healthcare monitoring device, EHR and healthcare data storage markets. As per Healthcare IT News, Apple is putting in pipeline a project to put health records on iPhone where iPhone users can smoothly access their medical records, medical tests, lab results and all sorts of EHRs in one place.

A recent patent obtained by Apple in August 2017, goes a lot beyond EHR/EMR though. It is an electronic device that computes health data of user on the basis of sensor data regarding the received light. According to the patent description “Electrical measurements may be used to measure heart function, compute an electrocardiogram, compute a galvanic skin response that may be indicative of emotional state and/or other physiological condition, and/or compute other health data such as body fat, or blood pressure.”

Amazon, another tech giant has also been tailing the healthcare industry for long. In July 2017, Amazon set up a secret lab in its Seattle HQ and as per reports it explored the company’s prospects in the field of EHR and telemedicine. At that point, Amazon was reportedly mulling the possibility of developing an EHR platform, telehealth and health apps for existing devices like its Echo smart speakers. It called the project ‘1942’, the year Columbus landed in America. And then later on it came to light that Amazon was seeking to break into the pharmaceutical sector through distribution of drugs and medical supplies.


Apple’s health app caters mostly to the end consumer along with allowing for some industry use of data for both clinical and research purpose. The app is a single repository for a variety of data and Apple is intent on making big moves with it in healthcare as per news reports.


In August 2016, Apple also acquired Gliimpse, a personal health record startup to enhance interoperability by collating health data into a single digital patient record.


Healthcare continues to be one of the slowest adopters of technology and hence a big attraction for tech giants to venture in. It is rare for hospitals now to use paper medical records, but still many hospitals the world over are yet to make the shift to electronic records.

Consolidation is due in the EHR sector with the health information exchange market starting off with small firms that have been taken over by big players. Today’s tech companies are increasing their footprint in healthcare with efficiency, responsiveness and user experience. From cloud platforms for medical data to patient engagement technologies the giants of the digital worlds have set foot in the field of healthcare and shall very much play.

With its multidimensional solutions for the health sector, Consagous Technologies presents all existing players and those who are looking to break into this industry with the most pliable applications and softwares. As EHR is an intrinsic part of Care Coordination, we have a host of inter-operable, fast and intuitive solutions in that area to boost your practice’s productivity.

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