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FaceApp — Everything You Need to Know!


FaceApp — Everything You Need to Know!

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After the storming entry of TikToK, FaceApp is making a place in peoples’ smartphones and allows them to see their future look. Yess!! This is absolutely true now you check how you’ll look when you are 80 with FaceApp. Still confused? Let’s understand in deep.


Recently Russian company Wireless Lab has launched face changer app FaceApp for iOS and Android platforms. This app uses Artificial Intelligence solutions to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. The app can transform a face to make it look older,  younger, smile, or even can change gender. FaceApp was launched in 2017 but it recently gained huge popularity among the audience. 


Not only commoners but also the world’s best-known celebrities like Jonas Brothers, Deplo, Snooki and JWoww, Lebron James, Carrie Underwood, and Mike Fisher have shared their old age look in their Instagram account.  


Download Rank - Graph




FaceApp has enriched with various face changing features with some creative marks and experiments that are successfully turning human face according to their choice. 


Main features are: 


  • Editor options of adding an impression,
  • Make-up
  • Smiles
  • Hair colors 
  • Hairstyles
  • Glasses
  • Age or Beards
  • Filters
  • lens blur and backgrounds along with overlays
  • Tattoos, and vignettes 


This is the first app that is gaining huge words from LGBT and transgender communities because of its feature that can change the appearance of a person as the opposite gender. 


How Does FaceApp Works


How Does FaceApp Works?


This photo-morphing app powered by AI solutions including an artificial neural network is simple, handy and hilarious too. “An artificial neural network is a biologically inspired computational model that is patterned after the network of neurons present in the human brain”. Mobile apps of artificial neural networks include pattern recognition and forecasting in various fields including business, telecommunications, operations management, and pure sciences.


Steps of using FaceApp:


  • User can take photos within the app or can use the photos from the library to apply FaceApp features. 


  • Once the app user selects an image and clicks on the next button, image being sent to the application server for further process. 


  • The app uses AWS and Google Cloud servers. 


  • Users can use various filters that are available in the app. 


  •  The morph images look stunning, astonishing and outstanding. 


  • The images thus edited can be either downloaded or shared via Social Media.


  • Some features of FaceApp are paid, for availing those features you have to pay.


  • The premium version of FaceApp is advertisement free and user can use images without watermarks. 


  • The cost of the monthly subscription is just $3.99


  • The cost of the annual subscription is just $19.99


  • The cost of the life-time license is just $39.99


FaceApp has 2,173,760 monthly app downloads. 

Faceapp Monthly app downloads

FaceApp Rating 

4.5 rating

2,066,272 ratings


Techstack of FaceApp


FaceApp for iOS


The major programming languages for building iOS apps are:


  • Swift 
  • Objective C
  • JetBrains AppCode
  • Apple’s Xcode
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Deep Learning Model
  • Apple API
  • OpenGL or OpenCV


FaceApp for Android


  • Java /Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Deep Learning Model
  • Android API 


What is the Cost of FaceApp Development?


The cost of a photo editing app like FaceApp will depend on the complexity and number of feature clients want to add in the project. According to Consagous expert team of mobile app developers, it will take approx 1400 to 1500 hours to develop an app like FaceApp. 

So, the estimated cost to develop an app like FaceApp would go somewhere around USD 35K-40K. 


Name of Existing Face Editing Apps


FaceApp features


How To Promote Face Editing App in the Competitive Market? 


App marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires a highly experienced marketing team which can strategize your app in front of an audience. At Consagous, our digital marketing team is highly experienced having years of experience. For mobile app marketing we follow the following steps:


  • Research target market.
  • Perform competitor research.
  • Create a landing page that sells.
  • Make your app visible with effective:


1. Title 

2. Description 

3. Icon 

4. Screenshots 

5. Create viral video content

6. Start a blog

7. Reach your audience with social networks

8. Measure your app KPIs


Summing Up


FaceApp has won the hearts of millions with its perfect blend of design and functionality. The existing face editing apps are not containing as amazing features as FaceApp, therefore, the app is going to be a  big hit.


If you are thinking of creating a new photo editing app then Consagous can be your perfect choice to develop an AI face editor app like FaceApp. 

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