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Find out Why Blockchain, AI, and IoT are Leading the Pack of Tech Trends in 2018

Find out why Blockchain, AI, and IoT are leading the pack of tech trends in 2018

Find out Why Blockchain, AI, and IoT are Leading the Pack of Tech Trends in 2018

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With the advent of 2018, we feel responsible to make tech predictions about what will boom in this year. Spilling the beans,  Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT are trending this year along with Digital Twins and Edge Computing.


According to our experts, following are the trendsetters of 2018:


Artificial intelligence

David Cearly of Gartner pointed that, “AI techniques are evolving rapidly and organizations will have to invest significantly in skills, processes, and tools to successfully exploit these techniques and build improved AI systems.”

Building and deploying systems which are capable of learning, adapting and acting on their own is a greater challenge for the AI app developers currently. Given the market scenario, it is implied for the businesses to invest substantially more in skills, processes, and tools to reap significant benefits from AI.

It is anticipated that as Machine Learning holds a greater significance now, by the end of this year most of the mobile apps and web apps will have some level of AI integrated into them and those who don’t evolve with the upcoming scenario, may cease to exist.

David Cearly added that “You have to explore smart applications as a way to increase human activity and not as a way to replace people.”


Internet of Things (IoT)

Business Insider’s Intelligence report on IoT envisages that nearly $6 trillion will be spent on best IoT solutions in coming 5 years. This large magnitude of investment has made this sci-fi story a reality.

We already have smart homes with smart beds and smartwatches. The day is not far when all of the electronics that you use are connected to the web. In this deluge of investment advices, we recommend to partner with highly proficient IoT App Development company to get most of the money invested.



Few are people on Earth who are unaware of Blockchain or Bitcoin. Briefing the same, it is an immutable ledger that conveniently and securely facilitates managing of crucial information.

The Gartner Report mentions this clearly,  if businesses want to be successful, they have to have a crystal clear understanding of the capabilities, the business opportunities, and the limitations of Blockchain.

Blockchain has the potential to bring major transformations in most of the industries which include the financial market. This technology is based on decentralization of transactions and equitable risk sharing among all the participants. Such authenticity mechanism can be put to use by both startups and conventional companies. If you are looking forward to giving an edge to your business with Blockchain Application Development, partner with us.




2018 will be remembered as an year when the e-commerce finally takes over most of the retail sector of the world economy. Forrester mentions it in one of its reports that about 83% of U.S. adult population purchased from Amazon in last year.

These figures are a clear indication towards where the economy is heading. Online stores are relatively more convenient for customers in comparison to brick and mortar stores.


Cyber Security

Given that we live in the world where cyber attacks are continuous, it is a high time to create a closed and secure network. Leaders in cybersecurity are taking initiatives to curb such attacks by plugging the leaks in the system. They ought to adopt a rapid adaptive risk and a confidence assessment approach to make sure that the cyber business is carried out securely.


Summing up

It is deemed that whether these technologies prove disruptive or constructive will totally depend upon our perception and how we adopt them. But, with the emerging pack of technologies and changing market circumstances, 2018 looks like a promising year which will be marked for major transformations.

We look forward to substantial constructive changes in our lives as we move through this year.

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