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Gear Up Your Business To The Next Level With Progressive Web App

Gear Up Your Business To The Next Level With Progressive Web App

Gear Up Your Business To The Next Level With Progressive Web App

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The need for businesses to target customers has changed, enterprises having traditional e-commerce site are far behind from the race. Businesses, which want to appeal to mobile-based customers have three options: build a responsive website, develop a native app or create a progressive web app (PWA).


Mobile websites and Native apps are quick and easy to use but they tend to be less pleasant in terms of user experience and are limited to certain devices. As compared to these two options, the newest mobile solution: the PWA is best as it combines the foremost features of mobile sites and native apps while mitigating their disadvantages.


Most of the retailers and entrepreneurs are not fully aware of PWA and how it simplifies the customer’s experience. Let’s discuss all the benefits of this super-smart app, which truly gear up your business.


Progressive Web App


What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are traditional web applications having enhanced modern web technologies which allow work offline or on low-quality networks. It is like a native app as it uses the app shell that allows app-style gestures and navigations and also able to load instantly, even in areas of low connectivity.With the help of pre-caching, the app stays up to date all times and developers can update it directly on their web server without submitting those updates to several different app stores.


Characteristics Of Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a most amazing web application that works on-demand and always accessible, without consuming smartphone’s valuable memory or data. There are numerous benefits of using PWA, let’s have a look at few of them:


Efficient And Economical

From a developer perspective, progressive web apps are most efficient and economical as they are easy to build and update. Like the native app, there is no need to design separate app structure for all devices as it displays seamlessly and identically on all devices. PAWs are unified to work on browsers that are common to all devices and its development cost is much lesser than a native mobile app.


Enhance user experience

These apps not only boost up the user experience but also improve the earlier issue of consumer buy-in. Since 2015, PWAs have gained huge popularity among retailers and businesses because of their inherent flexibility and ability to attract the user’s attention to stay ahead in the mobile industry.


According to the research, PWAs are proving significant gains to many apps like Tinder, Pinterest, Flipkart, Lancôme, and others by increasing their revenue and customer engagement.

Mobile First Approach

Building a Native application has become a rigor experience for many established businesses, thanks to progressive web app development as it effectively replaces a company’s mobile site, its native app and even its desktop site with a more dynamic approach to connecting with customers.


Startup or small enterprises which have not established mobile presence yet can simply adopt a PWA as it allows to build out an experience with mobile as it’s starting point.



Today most of the major brands are moving from native apps to PWAs as it proves to be the best for businesses. If you are also looking for perfect mobile app development team for building PWA than we can help you to intensify your business with the help of our expert progressive web app development team.

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