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How Beacons Will Keep Retail Mobile App Development Alive

Retail Mobile App Development

How Beacons Will Keep Retail Mobile App Development Alive

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One question always rings while mobile application development that can beacon bring new fortuity for retail? Studies indicate we may see beacons in retail driving more data soon, according to Gartner “the market for data is growing and its usages range from retail optimization tool to currency”.


On the basis of a study “ Global beacons market is expected to grow $14.839 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 61.50%”.


Beacon Mobile App Development

But the sad news is that retailers around the world are still not skillful to work with data. Of course, data analytics is not new but it has been changing as new trends are coming at bullet speed. But IoT has played an important role in data generation, especially in retail to win something big.


Over the past couple of years, Beacons have faced a netted reaction as retailers have struggled to combine it with mobile app downloads. Beacons proof best for mobile app development services associated with the retailer if it hooks the shopper to make them a resurgence. If it can integrate into a wide variety of mobile apps, then it becomes easier for retailers to allow the beacons to reach out to shoppers.


One of the UK retailer House of Fraser stated that it will introduce “beacon-equipped mannequins in its Aberdeen store to provide customers with a more engaging retail experience”.

This beacon will send a signal when a customer with an enabled smartphone app is within 50 meters of the mannequin.


Key Findings – 


  • Most of the people are having location service enabled devices in their pockets. According to a prediction, this number will hit 2.5 billion users worldwide in 2019.
  • Number of people who have access to data via their mobile device as global 4G LTE and Wi-Fi coverage increases year-over-year
  • Today location service technology is becoming a common functionality of smartphones. A leading mobile app development companies in USA and internet search has already publicized it boon as it allows marketers to send out offers to consumers based on their location.


Beacons Working – Retail App Development Services


Beacons are an outlandish powerful tool for reaching the modern retailer’s mobiles because they allow marketers to send messages while they were roaming around their stores. It also enables marketers to track the live movements of their customers by using Bluetooth technology.


These small computers, use proximity technology to detect human presence who are nearby and trigger predefined actions to deliver push notifications. When a customer enters in an area of an indoor positioning system, a beacon sends a code in a mobile application with a message to their mobile device. Here mobile application development solutions come forth: this coded message, which is shown in a form of a notification, can only be viewed with a mobile app.


Today the number of retailers which use beacons are limited, same with the consumers as only  6% of consumers have used in-store beacons. According to Walker Sands, “More than 60% of shoppers say they are not currently receptive to push notifications from retailers or in-store mobile tracking”.


In the beacon’s fast-growing industry there are various Beacon embedded mobile apps are available such as an iBeacon app, an Eddystone app, or an indoor navigation app.  Apple is the first smartphone which has introduced beacons with iOS 7.


Summing up


Though the introduction of beacon technology poses various challenges, but if retailers offer beneficial and relevant offers to customers, they can enhance engagement and can get far greater insight.


As we know that mobile devices are playing important role in the shopping experience, therefore, the beacon technology is likely to go mainstream in the next few years.


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