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How Gamification Boost User Engagement In Healthcare App

How Gamification Boost User Engagement In Healthcare App

How Gamification Boost User Engagement In Healthcare App

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We are the witness of the growth of “gamification” in product marketing to excite consumer behaviors. However, this theory is also used to address the more patrician purpose such as treating diseases and disorders in patients. It’s characteristics like challenges, rewards, and crossing to the next level on the basis of performance or luck, all are often associated with progress tracking metrics which motivate and engage patients to overcome their disorders.


Today the broad range of gamification has been successfully utilized in almost every sector to enhance the user engagement. Let’s discuss more deeply what exactly it is and how it boost user engagement?


What Is Gamification


It’s a utilization of game mechanics, like in video games or in non-entertainment context to prompt user behavioral change and to achieve target objectives. It’s characteristics like transparency, liveliness, rewards, challenge, and fun facilitate competition and participation, thus enhance the user experience and promote engagement.


According to the statista, “the gamification market is expected to grow from 4.91 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to nearly 12 billion in 2021”.


gamification market value worldwide

How It Boost User Engagement In Healthcare App


Today mobile games and VR applications have the potential to deal with massive global healthcare market, the revenue for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder medication in the U.S. alone has reached over $13 billion, and is projected to be a $17 billion market by 2020”.


According to the M2 study, Gamification is playing a key role in the globalization of advanced healthcare system. Most of the medical platforms are using this technique to offer animation, simulation, and storyline environment. Its core features are:


1. Digital engagement


This techniques hold the attention of users and digitally engage them to divert their mind. Doctors suggest this medium to patients who are suffering from depression and other psychological problems to divert their mind with other digital mediums.


2. Game Mechanics

It includes the use of components such as badges, reward points, leaderboards etc. to inspire users to take a move and engage them.

3. Experience Designs

It’s a trackable journey of users with the app elements like playing a game, booking an appointment, adding a story etc.

4. Boost Confidence

The main goal of gamification is to push users boundaries and enable them to achieve a goal. Most of the goals are generally aligned with the users and if they achieved them, the enterprise will automatically reap the benefit.


Benefits of gamification


There are various benefits of gamification, let’s have a look at a few of them:


1. Motivates knowledge acquisition


The Gamification in healthcare mobile app development can encourage patients who are suffering from some kind of diseases which need to examine and healthy people can be encouraged to maintain their health status.


According to Sustainability, gamification can increase the user participation in healthcare mobile apps, especially among youngsters. Participation improves learning and excites users to explore new levels in the app.


2. Create curiosity for health information


Gamification enhances the competitiveness and dedication and allows users to focus while playing a game. In the method, the electrical activity of the brain surges up as the brain learns new things. The continuity of the game increases learning power especially when there is the need to learn new health concepts and vocabulary.


3. Introduces the element of health and well-being


Gamification includes a  unique characteristic of education, many students face a struggle in learning their books syllabus at that point gamification allow them to acquired knowledge by solving puzzles and quests. The same things can be applied to gamified healthcare mobile applications and platforms.  

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