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How Hospitality Industry Can Leverage The Power Of AI-powered Concierge Mobile Apps

How Hospitality Industry Can Leverage The Power Of AI-powered Concierge Mobile Apps

How Hospitality Industry Can Leverage The Power Of AI-powered Concierge Mobile Apps

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There should be no doubt that AI technology is one of the biggest trends in 2018 and the marvels of its capabilities are wide-reaching, as is evidenced by the Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home smart speakers and others. Like other industries, hospitality is a great fit for AI as it can perfectly understand and construe the customers need to manage inventory and to make more accurate product suggestions.


Now the dream of a personal assistant who can work for you 24/7 is no longer a dream, an AI-powered concierge app is here for you — with the help of this amazing app, the merchant can win the hearts of customers before artificial intelligence conquers the hospitality market. Follow us if you want to know more details and its benefits. Before discussing anything, let’s discuss what exactly it is:


What is concierge app?


The concierge app is a software system that works as a personal assistant in the travel and hospitality industry. This amazing AI-powered personal assistance gives mobile users an authority to access the data and services within a second. All concierge apps are not fully powered by AI, some of them also include person-to-person interactions but it’s good to have a complete AI experience.


There are three main groups of concierge apps:


  1. Concierge apps for hotel industry: These apps can provide customers any information of the hotels like room availability, price rates etc.


  1. Concierge apps for travel industry: Such type of apps provides all information related to travel like most convenient travel roots, ticket booking etc.   


  1. Concierge apps as an interactive guide:  These types of apps are quite similar to travel agents as these apps guide you each and everything related to your destination point.



Today concierge apps are the most promising direction for the new businesses, now let’s discuss in details about AI-powered concierge app development.


Concierge App Development


AI-featured solutions are currently a heating trend and most of the leading hospitality providers like Hilton, Radisson, Marriott, and HotelTonight have already realized the importance of it and some of them ready to follow the footsteps. According to the report of  the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture:


  • “$2 billion annually by 2025: this is a promising number for the hotel industry if business owners will pay enough attention to the personalized interaction with visitors”.


  • “Even $6 billion annually by 2025: if you weren’t surprised enough with the previous number, here’s the higher one. This is the profit that the hotel industry can gain providing an advanced personalized interaction by combining it with data analytics”.


The reason behind these amazing numbers is AI concierge apps that are playing a premium role in bringing these great results. And when we talk about customers, let’s see what they’d say about these apps.


In 2017, Hotels.com provides a research which contains the information that “46% of customers are very ready to ask their personal concierge some help”. Some users ask little unusual questions which seems annoying sometime like:


  • 62% ask for restaurant reservations
  • 51% usually ask conventional directions
  • 25% want their morning breakfast to be ready on time
  • 17% of people ask for morning ironing
  • 12% of people love to listen to a bedtime story.


Reasons to invest in this new category of mobile application

Let’s get the measures why your business needs this app:




The concierge mobile app development does not need extra money, time and, efforts for the hiring new development team. As while a mobile app deals with all incoming requests from customers, existing developers can focus on other tasks requiring much human work.


24X7 Customer Support


AI apps are the automated machines that deal with queries and responds faster than any skillful human worker. These apps can work 24X7 without any further assistance and even work remotely.


Revenue Source


Your AI-powered concierge mobile app can generate huge revenue and fortunately, a number of choices are available in this category. Adopt these apps as soon as possible as it will surely increase the horizon of your business.


Summing Up


AI-powered concierge apps are heating up in the app economy and this a right time to improve hospitality services by adopting this new mobile solution which is able to fulfill the client’s needs and help them when needed.  

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