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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App for Healthcare?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App for Healthcare?

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Okay, but how much will it cost?’

This is one of your major concerns as a person who requires a healthcare app with all or a few functionalities.
To determine the cost involved in development and designing of a healthcare app we need to understand what are the factors that impact the cost of an app.


Now that you have a surficial awareness of the factors that drive cost, let’s dive in deep in the features which are specific to a medical app. (which will also impact the cost obviously)

1. EMR / EHR

Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records of patients is the essence of a healthcare app. In the regular course, EHR module means automation of information gathering of any progressive event that may occur during the patient’s journey.


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This module involves the scope to fully automate your clinic. In the normal course, EHR module takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

2. Medical workflow automation

Medical workflow automation is an ancillary module to EHR that involves medication tracking, accidents, and incidents tracking,  management of drugs, so on and so forth. The development of this extra workflow management takes 3-4 weeks extra apart from the EHR module.

3. Medicare & Medicaid standards implementation.

Due to its sophistication and complexity, CMS standards usually take about 3-4 month of time.

4. The social component

An interactive platform that allows doctors to communicate with their patients at ease is what constitutes of the social component of the app. More specifically this module handles the appointments scheduling,  communication around patients’ health visits tracking, and similar other procedures. This type of facility largely depends on the graphic design and take nearly 2 months to receive the final stroke.

5. Integration with medical devices

The time range required for integration with the devices varies as the device complexity varies.

A rough estimate of it can be taken as 2 months.


At Consagous, we have rather a vivid experience in building a healthcare app from scratch.

To give you a rough idea of how much it will cost bring life to a healthcare app, we are sharing the cost data of the apps we worked on.


Type of app Hours invested in design Hours invested in development Hours invested in Q&A Total Hours
A Full-fledged Healthcare App 500 1200 257 1957
An Appointment Booking App 70 150 40 260


With the per hour rate $20, the total cost of the apps can be easily calculated. Roughly, a feature-specific app will cost around $5200 and a full-fledged app with many features will cost around $39150 or so.


A feature-specific medical app is obviously way economic than a comprehensive healthcare app with several modules that are integrated together to function as a team.
You obviously have invested your major and crucial years of life in obtaining a degree in medical science which is respected society-wide now leave the nitty-gritty of the tech part of your healthcare app venture to us and relax while we cast molds of your ideas and frame your app with them.


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