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How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Developer for your Startup ?

How to find and hire the best mobile app developer for your startup

How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Developer for your Startup ?

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The count of startups is upscaling every day to cover the world map which generates the hope for innovation and more viable and economic product line in the market. But, as soon as they arise and come into being, they lose the balance and fall to taste the failure. Unfortunately, they don’t have the magic wand to lift the crippled venture so a great idea might die without even reaching the market.
The Startup Genome Report suggests that the failure rate of startups is dreadful as 74% of startups fail due to premature scaling, while 29% of startups fail because of insufficient funds.
With the scary rates of failures, startups need to partner with mobile app development companies to give shape to their ideas in the form of an app and ensure a long-term survival.

Why startups need app development company?

According to ComScore research, there are more mobile users than the desktop users. Given that the number of mobile users is more than the desktop users, startups must focus on the mobile app market. Which is why it is essential to know the best ways to find dedicated mobile app developers or mobile app development company for startups.

1. Why hire offshore mobile app developer: Reasons

Out of several tempting reasons, the most crucial reason to hire an offshore app developer is that they are economic. Mobile app developers from India hold a good track record in delivering the quality app.
You can do a random web search or surf through your social networks to get in touch with and hire top app developers. If you are not sure whether to confide in offshore mobile app developers or not, you must ask for their work profile.
Why hire offshore mobile app developer Reasons

2.  Review the work profile

Often as non-tech people, we find ourselves naive to review work profile of a mobile app development company.

So, here is how to review work profile of mobile app developer in 3 easy steps:


  1. A seasoned mobile app developer will have exceptional UI/UX skills and will promptly share his previous mobile applications. The previous works will give you a hint about whether you want to work with them or not.


  1. Leverage Google Knowledge Graph. Google the developer’s brand and the crucial info should pop up on the right side of the page.


  1. Enticing work profile: A diversified work profile which hints successful projects in design, product management, and marketing apart from coding is exactly what you are looking for.

Review the work profile

3. Check if they have client references

What is better than learning from experiences of others? A quick review of the existing and past clientele of the mobile app developer company and the projects they worked on will give you a little prep time and take an informed decision as this data provides you with the market esteem of the mobile app developer company.
Check if they have client references

4. What should be given preference in app development: Price or quality?

Best quality is never dictated by sky touching prices, in other words, expensive doesn’t mean the best. Sometimes extra costs are incurred due to slow progress of the project. Startups should ensure that their projects are of priority and additional costs and opportunity costs are avoided by all means. Timely review the app for the use of appropriate technology, app performance of MVP, and clear understanding of the idea.

What should be given preference in app development

5. Design atop everything

The app visuals hold more importance than you think because the users only appreciate what they see. A seamless app performance and alluring app design is your turn key to fortune. So, a considerable attention should be paid to the look and feel of the project apart from its coding.
Design atop everything

If you find all the aforementioned aspects or most of them, SEAL THE DEAL!

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