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Jetpack is finally, officially blasting in mobile app development

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Jetpack is finally, officially blasting in mobile app development

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For Android app developers, developing a mobile application with a clean architecture is quite challenging therefore they dedicate so much time to getting this right. To set this problem, most of the mobile app development companies started using jetpacks to integrate new features smoothly.


Android Jetpack is a collection of tools, components, and guidelines designed to accelerate mobile app development. It was launched by Google to solve all the problems associated with software development. At  I/O 2018 developers conference, Android product manager Stephanie Cuthbertson said that Android Jetpack is a “next generation of Android APIs designed to accelerate app development.”


Need for Android Jetpack


According to the Google, previously Android developers struggled with code complexity and size, therefore, it was difficult for them to build robust apps. They have also faced problem in maintaining codes and testing part as it takes lots of time and efforts. Developers needed a solution for all these issues and Android Jetpack has solved some of the common issues when they create Android apps such as:


  • Backward compatibility
  • Data persistence
  • On-boarding new people


How Is Android Jetpack Useful For Android App Development?


Enhances Productivity – It updates features more sleekly and works cohesively. It also takes advantage of Kotlin language features that make the developer more productive.


No Boilerplate Code – Simplify toughest activities such as the lifecycle management, background tasks, and navigation.


Focus for Developers – Android Jetpack allows developers to focus on the requirements of the applications. It’s behavior components helps designers to design appealing and maintainable apps.


Creating High-Quality Applications – Android Jetpack helps the developers to easily integrate the modern design practices with easily eliminating more possibilities on the crashes as well as lesser memory leaked having backward-compatibility.


Email Subscriptions – It allows mobile app developers to create contact forms to generate email subscriptions to blog simply and efficiently. This feature also allows readers and visitors to get a brief email informing them about any updates related to your blogs.




With the help of Android Jetpack, developers can reduce code complexity and size and lead app development to a different peak. Stay tuned for more updates of Android and Google releases.  


For accelerated app development service with an android jetpack, let’s connect with us at projects@consagous.com or visit Consagous Technologies.

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