Magento 1 End of Life : Consequences & Reasons to Upgrade Magento 2!

Magento is reaching the end of life in 2020. The company has already chosen the date when it will stop supporting the soon-to-be-obsolete version of the eCommerce platform.

Magento 1 End of Life : Consequences & Reasons to Upgrade Magento 2!

Magento has officially announced that Magento 1 will reach the end of life (EOL) on June 1, 2020. Initially, the end of support date was set for Nov 2018 but Magento recently decided to extend that date to give merchants a little more time to update their Magento websites. As a consequence, the platform will no longer release updates for plug-ins and modules. Since the migration is a complex and long project, Merchants do not have much time to hire Magento 2 developers in the first quarter of 2019 to have the migration project fully scoped and quoted in advance.

For Magento Open Source 1 (Community) Edition, the security patches will be available from the platform through June 2020 to ensure that the stores remain secure and compliant & for Magento Commerce 1 (Enterprise) Edition, the software support will be provided through June 2020 and may include both, security patches and quality fixes, depending on the version Merchant sites are running upon.

Here are a few reasons why Merchants should upgrade to Magento 2: 

  •  Lose of Payment Gateways Support.  
    No online store can operate now without a few payment gateways. The vast majority of such systems conduct a PCI compliance scan of online stores that use them. Such scans usually occur every quarter. If a store fails to pass through a scan, it will not be allowed to accept credit card payments. With no security patches, Merchants can lose access to all payment gateways within 90 days after Magento 1 support ends.  

  •  Pricy Security Checks.
    Merchants need to make regular security checks that will help prevent situations that interfere with your business operations. After each check of the store, Merchants would need to apply the required patches themselves. The costs for constant security audits will be higher than a Magento upgrade to a new version. By migrating to Magneto 2, it will be able to eliminate security threats. What is more, Merchants will save money on hiring Magento security specialists.   

  •  All-sided Obsolescence.
    Aside from security threats, if a business ignores Magento 1 end of life, it will have to worry about staying within the game. The majority of Magento stores rely at least on a few extensions and themes. They allow adding unique features and innovative feel to a website. As a result,  it will put the success of an entire business at risk of going obsolete.     

If merchants are still wondering why it is worth to make an upgrade to Magento 2, here are a few reasons: 

  • Faster performance
  • Improved interface of the Admin panel
  • Advanced customer experience
  • Mobile shopping compatibility
  • More advanced and innovative features
  • Better software architecture

With Magento reaching the "End of Life" which demands migration of stores that are still functioning in Magento 1.x versions. It is high time that Merchants migrate their store to the updated Magento 2 version to avail the advantages of the latest creativities in the E-commerce world.

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