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10 Reasons Why…Magento for eCommerce Above All the Other Platforms

  |   Consagous Magento, Content Management System, Magento Website Development

What is the success formula of those who are ruling the e-commerce industry?   An EFFECTIVE CMS. Magento, above all the other CMS, is considered more effective and is adopted by the Amazon, Lenovo, Fort, Olympus, Foxconnect, Nike, Nestle, and Nespresso to run their businesses. Nothing is more compelling...

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Key Features That Can Help to Estimate A Successful Logistic App

  |   Android, consagous-mobile-apps, iPhone, Mobile, Windows 8

The mobility solutions tendered by mobile applications have transformed the way of doing businesses across the world by providing remarkable flexibility and portability to the businesses. The logistic providers are taking the advantage of mobile apps for tracking shipments, inventory, acquisition transactions, reordering process and...

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