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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Development


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mobile App Development

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It is safe to predict that Artificial Intelligence will continue to be at the top in 2018. There are so many jaw-dropping ways through which AI is used behind the curtain to impact our day to day activities. But a few years ago, the scenario was different as those days AI was just the stuff of sci-fi, it was only novel and animated movies where we can see it dwell in the future. Now, it becomes part of our lives as it includes in our almost every modern devices.


From chatbots to analytics tools, it is everywhere and developers are trying to find out innovative approaches to use AI in their Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development to deliver better client services, new items and re-engineer business processes. Today both AI and machine learning continue to dominate the world as people become increasingly comfortable leaning on technology and virtual assistants to make life more smoother. Before discussing how developers and software development companies can take the advantage of that to address challenges in the development industry, let’s discuss some insights that might help you to know this technology more closely.



Here’s a handy list of numbers about the rising prominence of AI assistant.

  1. $5.05 billion market by 2020

According to a research, AI market will grow from $420 million in 2014 to $5.05 billion by 2020, as its demand in the media, retail, advertising, finance, and healthcare industries is growing at rapid pace.


  1. Approx. 6 billion devices will request AI support

According to the Gartner study, approx. 6 billion connected “things” like appliances, wearables, cars etc will be actively requesting support from AI platforms by 2018.


  1. 35.6 million Americans will use the voice-activated assistant device

eMarketer estimated that 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month and these number will increase to 128.9% over last year.


  1. On the basis of PwC study, 42% of consumers already use digital assistants, while “72% of business execs and 53% of millennials are using them”.


  1. According to the Forrester, 60% of US adults are already using online messaging, voice, or video chat services.


AI has been making a deep impact on human’s life with the help of Mobile Application Development by improving the segment identification, persona development, and decision journey mapping.



Artificial Intelligence On Mobile Application Development

The impact of AI on mobile app development comes with a new and stretched use of AI-powered solutions. Let’s discuss the benefits of AI in mobile app development and how it is

changing the organizations modeling algorithms in an innovative way with applications.


Complete Laborious Tasks Easily:

One of the foremost advantages of AI in mobile application development is that it minimizes the laborious work in the organizations so that developers can perform and finish development part easily. The pressure of mundane works would have usually been excessively exhausting for developers as they have more vital issues to solve.


Boost Content Production

AI and Big data boost content production, it helps mobile applications like Netflix, prime video etc to predict customers needs. It speeds up the content building, and use data to drive user behaviour to alter the mobility features according to customer’s need.


Meeting User Expectations

The Artificial intelligence is being used in many mobile apps because it brings convenience and functions to apps so that user can access it easily. Developers are continuing to use AI in app development to meet users expectations and to provide best customer experience throughout the app life. Its usage allows developers to create highly visceral apps that can organize and analyze data to create the most personalized experience for the user.


Summing Up

The AI opens a world of new possibilities for app development process, it helps companies to capitalize on lubricious opportunities and allow  applications to drive revenue for businesses by creating a seamless and profound personal user experience. Those days are gone when non-intuitive algorithms for app development crunched data in the same way regardless of the changes and trends in the data. Now AI has spawned the creation of more intuitive and responsive mobile apps with the ability to adapt to different user behaviors during engagement with an app.

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