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The Necessity of Mobile Apps in Beauty and Wellness Industry


The Necessity of Mobile Apps in Beauty and Wellness Industry

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Beauty and wellness is one of the few channels right now where multi-brand retailers are successful and generating huge revenue by offering on demand services. According to the report of FICCI “Indian wellness industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% for the next five years to achieve a Rs 1,50,000 crore-turnover by 2019-20”.


The ecosystem in the beauty industry is solitary which is driven by consumers, mostly by women, who are always curious about new products and want to try numerous products before buying. As the customers have become more demanding and fashion invigorated, cosmetic stores like Sephora, Bobbi Brown, Ulta and other retailers are started providing a great environment for new product experimentation so that they can provide complete satisfaction to the customers.


To meet the needs of customers, it is good to have a mobile app that can deliver most expedient and affordable on-demand salon services experience in one touch, only you have to browse through the options according to your choice.


Being one of the leading mobile app development company, we have developed many on-demand services based mobile applications and we know how these apps can influence the growth of any business. Let’s discuss some reasons why every salon needs a mobile app?


Benefits Of Beauty Mobile App

Customer management

It is very chaotic to manage customer database and follow-ups on call manually. With the help of beauty and wellness mobile application, admin can maintain the customer database within an eye blink. It is also useful in sending a notification to both the stylist and the client.


Reduce waiting time

Another blessing of beauty app is that it eliminates the hassle of receiving calls and booking appointments. Now, customers can book their appointments and select the services which they want to avail, online without wasting time in waiting outside the saloon or in traffic.


Provide Transparency

Today clients are very smart and they believe in figures and want to see where the service provider (from which they are taking or planning to take services) is standing in terms of customer satisfaction. Feedback/ rating feature in mobile apps permit users to ensures that the style gallery has a record of the works done by the stylist and option to share on social media makes it even more fun.


Instant Payment

Businesses are all about making your customer happy and having a cashless payments option in your business is one of the ways through which you can make your customers happy as it offers secure and safe transaction. After demonetization, most of the businesses are integrating the mobile app into their business model so that their customers can do cashless payment securely.


Final words

Beauty has been always the most bewitch characteristic of human persona and people spend a huge amount on themselves to look perfect and appealing. Therefore the opportunities in this industry are never going to end so it is good to have customized salon app developers for your business. If you are looking for beauty and wellness app developers who can develop beauty app for your salon business, we can help you to fulfill your app development needs so that you can aware more and more people about your business through the mobile app.

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