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Things You Need to Know About Mobile Apps to Boost Your Restaurant Business


Things You Need to Know About Mobile Apps to Boost Your Restaurant Business

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The territory of online food delivery is heating up, and now there are more options are adding in this industry to make it huge and advance than ever. According to a research, approx 45% restaurant owners say that online food delivery has increased their annual revenue and more than 36% say that they’ve improved their service by adopting digital food ordering system. Not only this, recently Silicon Valley has spent $127 million into three-year-old startup DoorDash to rule above all the restaurant marketplace. Like this, there are many facts and figures are available which shows that food industry is evolving but for the successful business, other than good food and excellent services, marketing also plays a vital role. If nobody knows you’re serving than you’re out of luck. Therefore, for marketing your brand, you should have a full marketing plan that covers all your needs so that you can attract a large section of customers.
The food delivery market has the potential for robust growth

Total addressable classic food-delivery market,

the food delivery market has the potential for robust growth

1. For selected countries only.

2. Compound annual growth rate.

Source: Euromonitor
The current scenario is a witness that how food ordering mobile apps cramming the digital space to reinforce the food market. Let’s discuss how the rising trends of mobile application in online food industry transforming the way of business.

Benefits Of Mobile Food Ordering Apps:

Here we mentioned some benefits of mobile food ordering app, and the ways it helps the ordering process, and also increase the number of orders and revenues.

1. Customizable Layout

The food ordering mobile app can be customized on the basis of restaurant theme, and its layout can be designed in such a way so that it can match your restaurant’s specialties. The customized mobile application themes allow you to tweak the layout and also works well to raise the horizon of your restaurant’s brand.

2. Real-time Menu

The mobile application allows you to edit your menu in the app real time. This means that whenever changes are made in the menu at the restaurant outlet, the same will instantly reflect in the app menu. This feature ensures no botch in the order and provides smooth and quick ordering experience to the customers.


3. Easy Ordering

The user-friendly UI of the food ordering app provides a serene ordering experience by allowing customers to select their preferred order type like a takeaway or a delivery order. These apps also prompt customers to choose their preferred location with an easy drop-down button before they proceed to the menu and place their order.


4. Customer Engagement

Food ordering mobile app helps you to improve your customer engagement with the help of push notification. It allows you to send latest updates, offers and discount coupons right to your customers’ mobile phones. Mobile apps are the great marketing tool as it comes handy in updating customers and also allow them to write feedbacks and reviews for the restaurant at their own time, thus, increase the customer delight. All the reviews help restaurant owners to seek real insights and analyze customer experience and expectations.


Having an on demand food delivery app is not a big errand but making it win in the market is, let’s discuss some points through which you can win your food delivery app in the market space.


When we talk about food delivery app, the first thing that strikes on our mind is its design, features and its reviews. However, most of the restaurant owners prefer to register themselves with one or the other online platform to give more personalized service with their mobile application. At that point, you need to ensure that your food delivery app has all the features that can relate to your business model and can beguile the attention of users.


To crack the same, your on-demand food delivery app must contain following features:


  • Sign up / login
  • Profile settings
  • My orders
  • Search
  • List of restaurant
  • Search restaurant by category with reviews & menu list
  • Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • Wallet Option
  • Map
  • Order tracking facility
  • Updates on delivery & billing details
  • Discount voucher
  • Push Notification


Final Words

Food ordering apps streamline food industry and speed up the delivery process and have become a must-have feature for restaurants.It not only increases customer delight but also boosts the restaurant profits, only you have to take care of unique personalized experience, without losing self-identity. I know the execution is quite difficult than the verbal expression, but a little research and experienced mobile app development team can aid you to reap fruitful results in future.

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