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Top 5 Cost-Effective Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Top 5 Cost-Effective Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Top 5 Cost-Effective Frameworks for Mobile App Development

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Nowadays smartphones have become a necessity for every business, and its evidence is visible in almost every sector. In a short span, how technologies have made its strong presence in our life is meritable. According to research, approximately 3 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and spend most of their time on mobile apps to explore new things. To avail this fortuity, many businesses have developed their own dedicated mobile application to better engage with their customers and stay ahead of competitors.


Though there is no paucity of tools to boost the mobile app development still there are few things that developers need to keep in mind before building an app.


With the help of new tools and technologies, app development is now not a big cheese but successful app development is as nearly 40% of downloaded apps are uninstalled within the first 2 or 3 weeks of use. This is the reason, most of the industry leaders emphasized that knowing the ecosystem of software development and staying abreast with the latest frameworks and market trends can help developers anticipate problems introduced into the platform with the latest releases.


So without wandering, let’s discuss the latest frameworks for boisterous mobile app development.




Flutter is a mobile App SDK introduced by Google to beautify native mobile apps with the help of a single code base. This new apprentice in the cross-platform mobile application development provides reactive-style views by avoiding the complications caused by the JavaScript with Dart.





Kotlin is an open source framework derived from java by taking its advantages. It reduces the coding structure by offering single-click tool that can convert Java code. Mobile app developers can use Kotline’s extensions to add methods and classes without making any changes in its source code.




It’s also an open-source cross-platform mobile application development framework which allows developers to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It latches a plugin-able architecture to help developers by creating featured apps with the utilization of device’s capabilities through APIs. Know more.


4. RhoMobile  Rhomobile


RhoMobile is a powerful open-source framework, contain the features of the Rhodes framework. It’s a set of development tools for building data-centric, cross-platform and native mobile applications. Developers can deploy RhoMobile by writing an code once and use it on the most-used operating systems.


5. React Native


React Native


It’s a programming language that allows mobile app developers to design cross-platform mobile applications with the help of JavaScript. With React-Native, a developer can use a single set of code for both iOS and Android platform.


Summing up


When it comes to mobile app development, there are omnifarious options are available. With these options, you can design the most advantageous mobile applications to drive better sales, a greater number of customers to your services. For cost-effective ways and full-fledged mobile app development services, let’s connect with us at projects@consagous.com or visit Consagous Technologies.

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