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What is Patient Engagement Technology and Why Does it Matter?

What is Patient Engagement Technology and Why Does it Matter ?

What is Patient Engagement Technology and Why Does it Matter?

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In today’s world patients’ involvement in the healthcare has an accelerating graph. Increased transparency in medical consultancy aids to the better implementation of treatment plans and enhanced productivity in the doctor-patient relationship which in turn leads to improved healthcare outcomes while lowering costs.

What is patient engagement in healthcare?

Patient engagement technology converges the patients’ involvement and their treatment plans. There is a gap between healthcare consultancy and patient’s understanding of their health status and what measures they can take to improve it. To fill this gap and encourage patients to grow health conscious, patient engagement software solutions are imperative in the current scenario.


How to enhance patient engagement through IT?

The initial measures to increase patient engagement can start from doctors’ clinics where they focus on patient engagement by taking time to explain conditions and discuss various treatment options. This approach is fruitful in the long term as it allows patients to actively participate and take ownership in their recovery which makes them more inclined to follow their treatment plan.


Why does patient engagement technology matter?

1. Health needs have changed

89% of deaths across the world occurs due to chronic diseases. Most of them are not curable and must be managed for a long term. Statistics suggest that a person with a chronic disease and his family spend five to 10 hours every year with their health professionals, and 6,000 hours providing care themselves.Thus, the health outcomes primarily depend on care given by patients and their families. Patient engagement in healthcare seeks to improve these 6000 hours of care and bring revolutionary results.


2. Care remains uncoordinated

Care coordination efforts are required on both the ends. It is deemed that only the patient and family are the first witness to patient’s journey. To provide the care, they require to understand the actual scenario and need to actively participate in the decision making process.
Statistics show that 87% of U.S. adults use the internet and 72% of those users looked up online for health-related information.
Patient engagement also involves giving a source to involve patients in their health care. To engage patients in the treatment process, online access to health records, progress trackers, treatment reminders, education, should be provided.


Online healthcare access is important to patients and is necessary to improve patient engagement.

With a patient-centric culture, Consagous understands the importance of engaging your patients in their health care. After many sessions of brainstorming with healthcare professionals and high-end developers, we have developed a highly customizable mobile and web app called Clinico with some basic features that aids and improve patient engagement. We have enlisted the significant features of Clinico here for your reference:


  1. Search function that shows available surgery/treatments, clinics, doctors, and end users.
  2. User profile, where users post reviews of clinics and doctors.
  3. Users can follow each other and clinics/doctors.
  4. Newsfeed that displays reviews and news/ads from clinics and doctors.
  5. ‘Book consultation’ feature where users can book a meeting online/phone/IRL with clinic/doctor.
  6. Digital Portal Tools: Patients receive full access to the patient portal to view health records, schedule visits, track health goals, and access health and wellness resources.


It is a customizable product which can be custom made to cover additional features that you may desire for your clinic. We have a distinct team for mobile app development and custom software solutions for patient engagement with expert patient engagement and healthcare mobile app developers. Feel free to reach us here and let’s discuss how we can help to improve patient engagement in your clinic or hospital.

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