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Why Architecture is Considered As Backbone of Mobile App Development

Why Architecture is Considered As Backbone of Mobile App Development

Why Architecture is Considered As Backbone of Mobile App Development

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According to StatCounter GS, “mobile app access has risen to 36.54% in the US as of January 2017 and has overtaken desktops as the primary means of accessing the internet by approximately 4%”.


But its development comprises many challenges like security, integration, usability, connectivity, speed etc and if mobile app development of complex applications not executed carefully than it will quickly lead to some major issues. With the increasing demand of mobility adoption, developers are typically shifted their focus on the architecture of the app and as a result, ingrain adequate security protocol into software and applications to make it successful in the market.


Though it’s not facile to select the right technology for your mobile app development and which mobile application architecture to be used but with the help of user experience and expert mobile app developers you can get the idea about most appropriate application architecture for your app.


Let’s discuss in brief what exactly mobile app architecture is all about


What is mobile app architecture?

It is a set of techniques and patterns used to develop fully fledged mobile applications based on industry standards. Now developers are also focused towards the wireless mobile device like smartphones and tablets while designing the app architecture. It mainly contains three layers i.e


Presentation layer

This layer includes the UI process components.


Business layer

The business layer is specially designed for business entities, business components and for workflows as well.


Data Layer

This layer access components, data utilities, and service agents together.


Things to be considered before designing mobile app architecture


Building efficient mobile application architecture is an imperative task, for this you would need to keep in mind the following factors:


What types of devices you are targeting?

In the current market, a variety of smart devices are available so it’s important for you to figure out the type of device and its characteristics before selecting the particular architecture of your app such as:

  • Size of screen
  • CPU characteristics
  • Screen resolution
  • Memory
  • Availability of development framework etc.


User interface

When it comes to designing a mobile application, user interface plays an important role in designing app architecture. This area allows you to explore the distinct horizons of creativity with your style. But keep your interface as simple as possible so that your users can interact with it easily. A riotous UI could lead to the downfall for your mobile app development.


Final Words

Hope now you might have understood the importance of efficient mobile app architecture as it not only makes your application secure but also equips it to scale with your growing business.

If you are looking for robust mobile app architecture for your upcoming mobile app, feel free to contact us as we are veteran of this field.

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