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Why You Need an MVP for Your Business?

MVP Mobile App Development

Why You Need an MVP for Your Business?

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Suppose you are building an app, but unsure about the market like whether it will go for it or not then what will you do? How will you check whether people want your product or not? Your all answers are hidden in MVP, it an abbreviation for a minimal viable product. In 2001, Frank Robinson has introduced this word to the world but it got popular by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. After reading all these lines you may want to know what does minimal viable product mean and why we need this? Let’s discuss what exactly it is?

What is Minimum Viable Product?


It’s an initial version of a product, companies design and develops MVP to test the acceptability and ability of their vision or you can say, its a base model of any product. For developing the minimum viable product, you don’t need a hefty amount or a bunch of features as it only requires core features of the product to match the standard app development cycle. In this way, you can receive a feedback, user’s perception, stumbling blocks in performance and improvements that can be done to make the product more poignant.


For startups, investing in MVP mobile app development is quit reclining as if it fails to impress the set of users, they can modify the roadmap followed for mobile app development without burning huge money.


Today most of the mobile app development companies have an active mind to deal with all of the blue scenarios, therefore, they started focusing on building a minimum viable product that helps the businesses to analyze and forecast the risk so that a product would be rendered and accepted by the target audience. Hope now you have enough understanding about the MVP, let discuss how can it help businesses to launch their big idea and what are the benefits associated with it?


Why Businesses Need MVP


Before discussing its need let’s have a look at recent statistics by Go-Globe related to startups:


  • “74% of high growth internet startups do not succeed because of premature scaling;
  • At the same time startups that scale properly grow about 20 times faster;
  • 29% of startups run out of money before they are fully established”.

MVP for my startup
Every business begins with an idea but there is no guarantee that every idea will win the attention of users. Therefore before tracing your idea into an app, ask yourself “Is this idea good just for you or for many people?”


This question may keep you awake and don’t let you sleep but don’t worry, it happens with many entrepreneurs who are thinking to launch their product in the market.


But with the help of MVP, you can take a stress-free sleep at night without harrowing yourself with this question.


The success of any new product, whether it’s a small one or complex is completely based on the efficient and unique idea and how impactfully it was implemented. One of the most important factors that can make your product successful is feedback of potential consumers at an early stage that gives you an idea about the market needs and where you are lacking, therefore, founders are getting acute about the signature approach of minimum viable product.


Benefits that businesses can acquire from MVP


Building a minimum viable product for an ascendable mobile app development project could bring a number of benefits to the business. Here we have listed few of them:


  1. Analyse User Expectation: MVP helps you to evaluate the user response like how often users are using the app, what option or features they mostly use, what thing they explore most in the app using the search tab etc. When all these factors are scrutinized, your idea will definitely get a lift.
  2. Build A Sharpened Version of product: Launching MVP helps you to build a better version of your launched product by providing a feedback of existing users, analyze actual user requirements to modify the product to a more sharpened version that can gain huge success in the market.
  3. Estimate the Persona and Performance: Evaluating success rate of a product at an early stage can save millions of dollars and set your product idea among users to evaluate the possible persona for your product and whether you are using right technologies or not.


How To Create MVP Of Mobile App?

Building an MVP for mobile application is the best step to know whether your project is really worthwhile or not. Startups usually misunderstand this term and consider it as a part of a specific mobile app development process. However, MVP is referred to as a concept rather than techniques.
MVP Mobile App Development
For creating an MVP of a mobile app, mobile app developers make a prototype of it in order to deliver it to a target audience to get real feedback and to actualize the real value of the product.

You may think that executing an MVP of a mobile app is a simple task but it’s a tricky one. You need to consider various factors before the launch including its cost, a bunch of features and more.


Summing Up


Minimal Viable Product is the best strategy for companies to find out the behavior of their target audience without spending a huge amount and time. Its benefits for startups are countless as it formulates the business hypothesis and identifies the key functions for a project so that it can sustain for long period. MVP development demand both technical expertise and business acumen at a great deal and Consagous Technologies is a perfect suite of these qualities. If you are looking for a tech partner who can make your idea MVP ready! Connect with us today.  

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